When You Spend Money On Stupid Things

Weekends are something most of you look forward to. Because it is a holiday and you can finally relax. Also the 5 days you work at the day job isn’t fulfilling so you don’t enjoy the ride.

Sad it is. If you are in the same boat then try to look for another job which makes you complete.

Because you are going to spend most of your time in office. And if that becomes something you don’t look forward to then you will be unhappy for most of the times.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment to quit. Build up your resume, work on skills if required and start looking. Because the more you stay, the more comfortable you may feel and at some point, it will become enormously difficult to quit. Once you have that realization that it isn’t for you, start looking for a better day job.

Weekends then become a high point where you chill, forget your miseries and live your life.

The Restaurant

One of the cool things you do on weekend is go to the restaurant and have food. It is an excuse to have a long talk with your friend concerning anything and everything.

It is as if you don’t eat together you aren’t a friend in real sense. Eating together brings people closer.

As usual you go to the place where you know how food is made and you don’t need to order. The girls there know you and asks you if it is usual. And boom you can just sit and eat there like a boss.

After a long night, you ask for the bill and pay the money. She hands the remaining cash and you move on to get a sleep. As you are putting money back in the wallet, you realize she had mistakenly given you 50 rupees extra. You give a wicked smile to yourself.

The Earphone

Next day you go to the store to shop for something with the money you got extra. You feel powerful that you can spend 50 rupees guilt free. No pressure or checking the balance sheet of th account.

You see a nice earphone a girl is selling on the streets. She says the price is 50 rupees – wow what a luck.

The earphone is boasting music like anything, so it is bargain at this price. You pay the money and enjoy your earphone.

At the home, when you lie down to listen to the soothing music to relax, the music ain’t playing. Turns out the earphone isn’t working. You try so hard but with no luck. Finally it dawns on you. You spent the money you didn’t deserve so ended up spending it on some stupid thing.

If you had earned the money then you would have been more careful and earphone wouldn’t have been switched when she was packing.

Free money sounds all good. Until you realize it is going to make you crazy and in the long run, it ain’t much of a help to you.

Next time, someone accidentally gives you extra money then try to give it back if you can. If you can’t then donate that same amount of money, it will help you stay grounded and your conscience will thank you.