When You Feel Like Leaving, Stay.

Words hurt more than beatings. If someone beats you up then the pain might subside in a few days or week. But if someone said harshly to you then it can stick for a much longer time.

True it is – the pen is mightier and powerful than the sword. Communication is the cornerstone of the successful civilization you are living in today.

Your first instance is to get defensive when someone punches you. The immediate reaction is to fight back and show dominance. It’s all about who is more powerful but then it ends worse for both the parties involved.

The best approach seems to run and avoid the situation. No good has ever come from the violence – because there will always be the expense of someone.

At times, fighting can be the only option because it is unavoidable. Rest all times, running and avoiding them is better. So whenever you get the chance, leave your ego aside and run for safety. The moment you get involved in physical violence – chances are it will only escalate from there. Violence is never the answer, it can’t be.

I Hate You

I love you is the second best thing to hear. I love you too is the best thing which makes you feel like heaven.

But the opposite is true too. Hate is a strong emotion and as such when someone hates you, it burns like hell. It can be anything – they are shouting at you, ignoring you or making fun of you.

These make you feel bad and the instant mode your brain goes in is to give up. So you cry, shout and do all the crazy things.

And while you are doing so, your brain feels the best thing is to avoid the situation altogether. So you pack your things and get out of there asap. But that is exactly the thing which you make you weak. And next time when such a thing arises, you will be more hurt than before.


So what’s the solution. The moment someone treats you badly with words and it hurts, let the emotion flow. Not in front of everyone. Go to the bathroom and let the emotion flow, wash your face and come back.

Eat something or drink and just calmly sit at your place. Not because you are defeated. But the emotion will slowly calm down.

Any decision which you will take instantly will blow up. So let the time pass by. Do the work, make that report – immerse yourself.

As time pass by, you will find yourself in a better place. The outburst of emotion isn’t there, you can see things clearly and now that tension doesn’t exist, you can make the decision. So now, if you want to go home then go. But don’t make this or any decision in an instant of hurt.

You are more powerful than you think, calmer than you can imagine and more worthy than anyone can think of.

Let the emotion subside because it will eventually. Act on a sane, calm and happy mind – that’s how you stay awesome.