What's The Future Of the Internet?

What's The Future Of the Internet?

The Internet is the best invention ever. At the very basic, it's simply a connection of computers worldwide. And everything revolves around accessing files from connected computers. Before the Internet, the limit was only a certain number of computers. But now, you are connected to every computer. The possibility that emerges from this is enormous.

If you are working on a computer, you use the Internet to make your work efficient, smooth and easy. And in some cases, the Internet is an integral part of your job. You do work on the Internet. So much that if the Internet shuts down, you can't do your work.

Before we can find the future for our Internet, let's understand its immense possibility.

Everything that you can imagine doing, you can do better with the Internet. Take doing business, you can connect with millions of people, reach them and serve them. And if you are into some weird niche where you only see a handful of people, you can go to the Internet to find like-minded people worldwide. Sure, there are only a few people in your area into some specific things, but in the world, it adds up, and the Internet connects you all.

The Social Media Companies

Think of YouTube, Twitter or Google. All of these companies are big because of countless contributions from the people like you. And that's why it has immense value. And who gets to benefit from this - only the companies. Some companies pay you a little while others don't pay you.

You don't have a say, and everything is one way. You contribute all your energy to Facebook, and because of billions of users, Facebook devices its value. And then you are nothing to them. Because you alone don't matter.

Also, these companies will lure you initially to come and create free content for them. And you will do that for a variety of reasons, share and make it huge. And soon, it will become too big to care for you. So, it can abruptly change the policies and leave you with nothing but to comply or leave. Even worse, if you are banned for something random. And these companies often don't give you an option for an explanation. You can't reach them, ask for an explanation and so on. You are at their mercy forever.

The Optimistic Side

If you wanted to do anything related to art, business or growth, you were limited by the gatekeepers. If you want to publish a book, you need the permission of the book publisher. If you want to make a movie, you need permission from a studio. If you want t make a painting, you need the permission of a gallery.

The Internet makes all of it go away. You can create your art and share it with the world. Of course, success isn't guaranteed. But there ain't any gatekeepers.

The Future Of The Internet

The Internet keeps evolving. And new technologies will make it better. But it has to come with the Internet. Web3 is making a lot of promises like voices to many, more success stories and less monopoly. And that's the way the Internet should have been. And the hope is it will get to it.

But for it to work, you need to contribute; go ahead and learn about web3 and make a contribution. It's still new, and you can steer the direction it goes.

Here is an introduction to the future of the Internet: https://twitter.com/ljin18/status/1479111931977867275?lang=en