What’s In The Fridge?

Systems are hard to change, and thus, there is an opportunity for anyone who wants to.

Refrigerator wastes a lot of power. Human beings are shopping in the middle of the supermarket where there are packed goods. Thus the creativity required cooking from fresh vegetables is fading.

Also, about ⅓ of the food you buy goes waste for a variety of reason. Now there are many people obese people – because it is convenient to eat from outside which are rich in salt, sodium and fat.

This stems from the habit of cooking only things you think are same and not experimenting. The refrigerator allows many things to stuff – it’s existence will enable you to eat again and again without realising how much you are eating.

Of course, it is excellent that you get things which weren’t possible early in your refrigerator. But this means there is wastage in the supply chain. Bringing things fresh is complicated, and thus, there are many frozen things.

Broken Refrigerator

The market functions to benefit from you while making it easy for them. So they don’t stock more fresh things just because someone will buy.

Hence there is a rise of refrigeration of foods and marketing you to consume mindlessly.

But now you know. So there’s a potential for change. Your behaviour is read continuously and targeted to push you to do things. Can you now fix the broken refrigerator…?

Fixing The Refrigerator

There can be scanners which scans and camera which can recognise stuff that you put in. Slowly it can gather information about how you put things in and what you consume and what rate.

Also, it should know the combination of foods, expiry of food and tons of other things. There is no privacy left for you in your life, the refrigerator is the last place you need your privacy.

Maybe the fridge can send you a message to refill things which are in low quantity. Or the refrigerator can send a message to the local community center, so they know what to stock before you go there.

That way, the local community center doesn’t need to stock thousands because they would how much is required. Now they can keep fresh and ripe vegetables.

Also, the fridge can suggest new foods from your eating habits. Thus buying will become more efficient.

You can go one step further and keep farmers in the loop. So the nearby farmers can grow the fresh things for the local community.

Smartphones Vs Refrigerator

Smartphones work because it is connected, and chances are phones makes you consume mindlessly.

What if you can take the magic of smartphones to refrigeration:

  • Make the fridge connected so that it works amazingly
  • Having such fridges as status role- you do and buy many things because of status
  • What happens if refrigerator turns into a game. Chances are you will try to make the score higher. And the only way to do that is to make better use of fridge
  • Convenience is the key. If your fridge makes it convenient to prepare food at home, then you will not go to McDonald’s

The food industry is one where the demand is every day. You will eat every day. So now the question is what and how.

Systems Are Not Permanent

Earlier only way to keep food cool was from the ice which was harvested by people and sold to needy people.

Then companies started manufacturing ice. And then came refrigeration which made the leap.

All of this makes a factor in what you eat and how you eat.

Systems like this might seem permanent until it isn’t. The food industry is changing by making delivering efficient, making meal boxes, and so on. Until you find the best change.

So systems are there to help you. And if you aren’t satisfied, you can make the change happen.


  • Can social media play an essential role in finding your minimum viable audience?

When you do important work, you will be lured to spend time on social media. But chances are you would be doing things to please the masses because that’s how social media wants you to play.

The idea is to use social media channels your way. Do your work on your systems and make the work so good that the people you share the work will share it forward.

Here is a golden rule – find 10 people who will look at your work. Then send them your work. If they don’t share it forward then either tweak your work and hone it or find another 10 aligned people. This is the hard work you should do.