Whatever You Do

It is okay if you lose your headphones at home and now you have travel in the bus with little to no entertainment. What is not okay is to make someone feel bad, treat them thrash and feel superior about yourself.

Some people exist and get a high when they can feel superior to others. No problem as long as you are not coming in other people’s live.

Go ahead and buy ton of things to showcase, show your money power or muscle power. Go to a beach and flaunt all you can.

But if you do such thing with your friend with whom you travel then they will notice. Slowly they will adapt to the things and if it annoys them then they will react accordingly. Friend is a relationship which is deep in many ways and if you mess that up by feeling cool about yourself then chances are you will lose that friendship.

In friends, you don’t push someone down by subtle moves or any moves for that matter. You treat them fairly and not let them feel inferior to you by any standard.

People Change

So what happens when you treat someone badly. Do you think you are smart enough that they won’t notice.

Actually many people will resort to silent change of behavior because they don’t want to create a scene. For example, if you go on a trip with your friend and then you completely ignore her on the trip indulging in activity with stranger on the phone then next time your friend will come up with excuses to not go on trip with you.

Another example might be when you don’t respect the time commitment by your friend. She will tolerate it many times till she realizes you are not respecting her time. Then next time she will stop giving you her time citing different reasons but you know the truth.

So your attitude will backfire and if hasn’t the people you are stuck with are the one who have some agenda of their own.

So gear up and don’t do anything because you feel entitled or arrogant or you think you deserve a better place.

Own Versions

People come in all shapes, sizes and ideologies. Also now they have different life structure and it doesn’t have to be same. So you shouldn’t go and point out all the flaws in their way of living because yours is flawed too.

And if you try to be mean then even legit criticism will go out of window. If your friend is living their life with counting calories and respect that. Don’t come up with every excuse to mock them. SImilarly, if they live life with Calendar schedule then don’t make them feel bad that they aren’t some celebrities.

Remember you have a weird way of living your life too. And being friends accept the differences and find the rational and fun part to hang out.

Because that’s the way to build and last your friendship. Now go and be more accepting with your friends that matter to you.