What You Want Vs What You Get

Twitter is a fascinating place. You can go there to find motivation, learn some new things, make your life better or get hated so much that you feel like quitting.

Most of the times people are quick to pull you down. No matter if you do something good or bad, people will speak bad for you. Oh wait, this is true for all the platforms. Lucky I don’t have comment on my articles. If you still need to vent out your anger then email me.

Oh yes, so is twitter a bad or good place. Turns out you are the one who is in charge. Because you can follow people and block certain keywords.

This way your feed will be filtered. Unlike Facebook and other medium platforms, Twitter still shows the posts in chronological order. So it is a fine place to be and follow people who brings out the best in you.

Often people see social media as a waste of time. And it can become one if you allow it to be. For example, endless feed is a trick to make you stay for longer time than usual. Also, they track the clicks and try to show other people’s tweet in between to make sure you find the stuff you like.

So go ahead and make sure you follow people or accounts of company which inspire you, make you think and bring out the change you want to seek.

And block the keywords which you don’t want to see. Of course it might create a bubble – but that’s fine. Because you want to make the experience better. And if you create the bubble willingly then it’s fine.

News Source

This new age is when you don’t go to the news source. Rather rely on Whatsapp and Tweets to find the news. And this leads to more rumours than ever before.

Even the news reporting isn’t perfect many times. People are in such hurry to break news that they don’t verify the news and publish the news. This leads to more confusion than ever. And if you rely on your uncle to send you news on the Whatsapp then you are doomed.

The best thing is stop following news. Because chances are you’re not the one who is getting impacted.

And if some news will impact you then soon will you know about it. The best thing is to not follow news in depth unless it is your passion, profession or job.

Focus on your passion – and follow people with great ideas and something which inspires, impacts and maybe entertains you. And you will be fine in following twitter profiles.

Less Focused

My go to place for news is twitter. But I don’t go to the trending page and get lost. But more often than not, it happens that I am looking for a specific thing. And I get something else interesting.

After 20 minutes, I realize I remember the main reason I opened the twitter. Part of the reason is that I am less focused and I consider it fine if I get lost for 20 minutes. On the flip side, I get intrigued that the headline was good enough for me to click.

And if the content matches the headline then I built up a trust factor for that outlet.

The best way to move forward is to be focused – and get what you want first. And then if it happens get lost in the rest. For example, if I open the browser my first task is to write and then I can watch 10 cat videos – it’s fine then.