What Would You Do

She knew nothing about the new plan. A new house is awaiting her family. Of course, she didn’t want to go, but her family wanted no excuse. Sad she went. But passing the day at the new house was a nightmare.

The rooms were different and adjusting was taking time. The food was monotonous and there was no help from outside.

And to make matter worse, another family came by to live with them. She became sour that she had to face these new people.

The tension was apparent but the dad made sure there was no friction at least in his presence. She had to find her solace somehow, so she decided to write it down. Her daily struggle of not getting enough love, getting more love, the bad things people do or plan and her constant struggle to showcase this respectable girl.

Of course, you can’t put on a face of a showcase for long when you aren’t allowed to go for a change. The true colors started to show – and for people living in such vicinity, it meant all the ugly side of people was coming out.

For a kid, it is important to have a source of entertainment and she had none. Because on the radio, only boring things were shared. She hoped for the good news but it won’t come.

Each day was getting worse – but she hoped that it will be fine. Because why not, there is no other way for life to turn out.

The fell in sorta love with this young kid who was roughly her age. Lack of other choices played a part. But she kinda grew in her ability to understand people and the boy grew on her so she could see him differently.

Now, every day her daily routine shifted and she started to find excuses to spend time with him. They didn’t do much but at that age, sitting together and looking outside the window to the sunlight is an amazing feat. You don’t want to grow up because what you have now is pure.

She wanted more so she started reading different books, sharing them, making more notes and learning from the experience of the people around.

But for a kid, she was an adult in her mannerism and ideas. She was probably the most sorted person among the lot. But not everyone was listening to her because she was for them a kid.

She continued this journey of hiding in a closet of her own with her new found friend and staying only two of them for long. Until it wasn’t the case. Because many new things change and she got sick.

And the doctor won’t come. And she was happy about it because she didn’t want a male to take advantage of her. But the fever was high enough that doctor had to show up and he treated her by giving medicine. But she is not able to understand fully, she still despised him.

Then next thing you know is the need to share her table where she reads to him. She got angry but her anger didn’t help her in any way.

Slowly, whatever she liked was being taken away from her. And all she could do was think about it and vent her anger in words.

Each day passed and there came a conflict with her mother. And she shouted at her and then immediately regretted it. Then at night, she had to face her loving dad. But she found herself in the wrong situation despite she was right earlier. Being a kid hampered her wittiness and ability to be in upper decision-making state.

But then one day, it was all supposed to be over. Because the government decided it is time to rescue them.

Alas, before it could happen she was taken along with the family members to suffer. Slowly many of the family members died and she died too. But her death was the most painful because she was a kid and girl. The tragic thing is she could have been saved.

Later her book was recovered – and in it was everything she wrote – her daily entries. Meet Anne Frank. Even after going through such a difficult phase at a young age where the problems seemed never-ending, she wrote in her notes, ‘People are good at heart’.

This alone suffices how much she generous she was. And her writings convey how good and mature was she – a great soul was lost that day.

But she remains as an inspiration for generations now and coming.

There will be situations which will challenge you in many ways, bad things will happen and you will suffer, will you be able to see optimism and keep a big heart. She did and I think you can too.