What Would You Do If...

What Would You Do If...

It's better to have a backup plan. What would you do if your plan A fails? For example, let's say you want to start a company. The odds of success are low. As such, if you put everything in and pray, then only God can bless you.

Because most businesses fail, yours might as well. So, it's best to have a backup plan. Sure, if you happen to succeed - all praises to you. But the worst thing shouldn't be you being homeless. That's not a smart strategy.

What about Elon Musk, Steve Jobs or some random inspiration. Yes, there might be people who have succeeded despite all odds. And reading their story - it seems you can put in everything and win. But often, there are other factors to the victory, like luck. And that's something not under your control. It's easy to think you have the idea of the next big thing. Almost everyone thinks that. But only when you execute something, you realize it's not what you thought. And nobody wants it. You lost, and now because you put in everything, you have lost everything.

So, always start with the question - 'What Would You Do If...' and put your worst situation. And prepare for it beforehand. So, regardless of your success or failure - you have something to fall back upon.

Survivor Bias

It's alright to get inspired and do things. For example, maybe you want to become an actor. And you see an established actor giving the tips - work hard, show up, and you will be successful. Because definitely she did that and came at the top.

What you don't know is that 1000 other people were aspiring to be actors. Who worked as hard as her, showed up and did all the right things. But they didn't become successful. So often, luck plays an important role.

It might seem like the path to anything is clear, but it ain't. Just because you survived doing something doesn't mean it works for everyone else.

So, does that mean you shouldn't try or get inspired?

You should get inspired, follow your dreams and do all the hard work. But don't be in the illusion that it will magically work out. Always ask - what would you do if. And plan out multiple scenarios. Then, if nothing bad happens, rejoice. But if you fail, you will have something to hold onto.

Side Hustle

How do you ensure that there is less stress on you? First and foremost - get yourself a job. It's the easiest way to earn money. But, building a startup, doing side hustle is hard. And often when you have to think about food on the table, you can't do your best work.

Get a job that ensures you will get food, rent and some savings. For most people, a 9-5 job is where they excel. If you find your liking, either stick to the company or find better places to work a job. This way, you can live a stressful and amazing life.

If you want to do something more - experiment, then keep having your job. Whatever it is you desire, work on the weekends. Maybe you like painting. But you don't have to stress yourself to sell it. Having a job ensures you will not go without food if your painting doesn't sell. If it sells, then that's a bonus.

You can keep doing multiple things. And see if something works. You will find some things which you want to do irrespective if it earns anything.

And you might find something which earns you good money. You can keep your current arrangement. And if you start earning more money with your side hustle, then maybe you can quit your job to do the side hustle full time. But make savings for up to a year. So, if your side hustle suddenly flops, you don't have to struggle for money. And get a job because you won't be stressed.

Finding Meaning and Your Value

Often you are searching for the side hustle or starting your business to find meaning. And that's alright.

But don't let others meaning and expectations blur you. How you find happiness, peace and thrill should be decided by you. Someone might get these from owning a big house, travelling 4 times a year, spending time with family and many other things.

You decide for yourself where you find your meaning and value. For example, I find my joy in dance, writing and travelling. So, I do that often. A big house doesn't appeal to me, and I don't try to work for that. In the end, the whole life's purpose for you is to be at ease - enjoying the ride. You have to decide on what's right for you - do that.

Being Human Is New

On this journey on Earth, we as humans are new. Recently, two world wars happened. And the industrial revolution made jobs commonplace. There is no ideal definition which you should follow. If you can simply survive then, that's more than enough.

Your accomplishments, money and success don't make you more human. Your emotions, empathy and peace make you a better human.

When you retell a story to make yourself feel comfortable, it's as if that's the story that had happened all along.

The narrative in your brain decides how you should feel. You can have all the material things in the world and feel sad within. Or you can work paycheck to paycheck and find your love in a family. This doesn't mean you shouldn't strive for more or do things to grow. But don't make them mandatory. Try, fail and find your own journey. Tell your own story and do things because you want to do it.

When someone asks - what would you do if... Your answer should be something solid which you have come up with. Good luck and enjoy the ride.