What Works For You

As you get up everyday, you do the normal stuff. And when you get some free time – you indulge in the cat videos. They are addictive in nature because cats are cute and you could spend your whole afternoon watching them.

And so you do. But at the end of day when you look back, you realise that you didn’t do anything for the work you need to complete by the end of month. This is something you claim to be passionate about.

A day is wasted. And you motivate yourself to do it the next day. And then you do it for few days and then roll back to the nothingness. Somehow you do most of the work the day before the deadline. And you think of the possibilities if you had done more work when you had time.


Delaying something is kinda in your nature – as a part of being human being. That’s how you have been brought up and taught. But since it is something which you have learnt, you can learn something else too.

Sure it ain’t easy. If it were then everyone following their passion would have done something ground breaking. But what we see is the half-hearted effort to please yourself.

Yes, you have a passion for it but then life happens and you find yourself amidst many excuses. Is there a different way to tackle the problem or is it not a problem at all. Is everything in your mind or you need some physical push.

You Decide

If you do the work when the deadline is near then make some deadlines. For example, if you start working for a project a day before the deadline, then make deadline of some part of the project everyday.

So everyday you need to do something for you to meet those deadlines. Some people get motivated just because and some needs extra push.

It doesn’t matter how you get things done, just get it done.