What Type Of Work Do You Wanna Create?

Taking forward the challenge from Seth Godin on being a professional freelancer, here are some the things I want my work to reflect:

daring, bold, brave, caring, understanding, intelligent, logical, observant, sensible and trustworthy.

And below are the 5 ways I want to express these attributes:

  1. Writing comes to mind when I observe something which isn’t right. So I make a logical assertion by understanding them.
  2. I don’t shy away from bold content which might be daring. So sometimes I might be called brave for my writing.
  3. I consider my audience sensible so I make intelligent assertions. And if I do something bad, I am open to ideas because intelligence only grows forward.
  4. I am honest to myself.
  5. And trust is the important thing which in engraved in me and I hope reflects in my work and connections.

That’s it. Go now and make something – start a project, maybe. Or answer this things for yourself and discover something new today. Remember to do it on public – it helps a lot.