What To Do When Your Project Fails

Living life as a series of projects is the best thing you can do. Instead of showcasing your life years as experience or degrees – show what projects you did.

But a project is something uncertain and new and scary. Most of the times it doesn’t work.

As such how do you proceed to do another project – what is the success barometer.

Here is a checklist to run when you are in doubt when doing a project:

  1. A project needs to have an end date or end result, so you can start new projects.
  2. But it doesn’t meant, you do lazy work in project. Instead it is the opposite, you give your best and at the end you are proud of the output.
  3. If it generates loads of money, changes culture and becomes a worldwide phenomena – great. But it’s okay if you are the only one seeking thrill.
  4. At the same time, when you are trying such projects, you will find few people on the same path- either they will follow you are become your co-passengers.
  5. It’s the experience which matters a lot. And not the end result. The output, result is usually a nice bonus.
  6. Your idea changes, you change – so don’t hesitate to do opposite projects.
  7. Share your projects – don’t spam. Be generous, human and empathetic.
  8. It’s often quantity for most people. Some people do little and get best. And some people show up everyday to progress.
  9. Do some collaborative projects – it’s an experience worth having.
  10. Document the progress for some projects, it becomes a nice story to share. And you can reflect back on how you have grown.
  11. Internet is the biggest leverage right now. If you can, you should do it on the Internet.
  12. Meet amazing people, do creative work and seek thrill – that’s the 3 important things. Rest are fleeting.
  13. You have to compromise on other things. You choose, it depends on you.

Now go and make an awesome project. You have my permission…