What To Do When Your Phone Falls

Smartphones have become cheaper, and you probably have one. And it brings about a million possibilities with it. Sure, it did all the necessary things like alarm, clock, maps and stocks – but with internet, apps and a quest to search, there is no end.

And hence, it is no wonder that you spend most of your time on the phone. It seems like you can’t distance yourself from the phone.

Rant On Phone

If you fell and your phone fell alongside, you are more inclined to save the phone than yourself.

It becomes a state of worry if anything becomes more valuable than your life. Your broken bones, blood and bruises aren’t okay when you got them while saving your smartphone. One bizarre phenomenon which has happened is this – you can’t come to peace while going alone without your phone. If you live in a city then getting lost is difficult and asking for help is easy. Still, you would find comfort in the arms of your phone.

Also, there is a need to check your phone again and again – what’s new. Because most of the times, there isn’t anything new. So you have thousands of notifications as ‘ON’ because you need an excuse to check the phone.

And you get anxious if the phone doesn’t vibrate for a long time like 5 minutes. You take out your phone and check if you got any new messages, or any major news has broken. Or maybe you check how many followers you have raked in. Congratulations, you now have 1 more follower from yesterday.

Social Platforms And Their Truth

Most of the social points do nothing, and it works for one reason alone – it helps you keep score of your social status.

Now that is a thing. And that’s why companies like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are tapping into. They know you have this hunger for social points where you can compete to be on the top. So they give your follower count, duration and activity status and make them public.

Now you feel like these are the things which will decide your worth. And so you start working hard to make those validations go up. And thus you contribute to make the platforms powerful, make them money and you become an unpaid intern.

But the real world intern is forced, tricked or manipulated. And in some cases, they don’t have any choice if they want a job. You, on the other hand, get deep into these mechanisms to only go gain status. And after 5 years, you realize this ain’t something beneficial. Instead, you could have worked on some passion project.

And then there is Snapchat, TikTok and many such apps. Sure, you can make money, have an influence if you become big. And that’s how you are using it knowing the consequences then okay. But in most platforms, you can’t do much or make justifiable money even if you get big.

For example, even if you get big on any platform – the platform owners just have to restrict your reach. And you can’t do anything about it. This has already started on Facebook, YouTube and TikTok. So the only way to win is to play by their rules. And if you do so, are you even following your passion.

Being At Peace

Sure, spending time on social media on a conscious level to do some time pass is fine. But that should be it. If you are gaining social validation, then you are destined to be doomed. If you want to do business or make money, then it would be better if you put your energy into something you have substantial of your own alongside the social presence.

Now that the rant of using the smartphone in a bad way is over. Let’s tackle the question – what do you do when your phone fells. Do you get scared or angry or sad?

It would be justifiable given how much of your world resides on your phone. But the best response is to say – Okay.

And this should be deliberate practice. Whenever something bad happens, just say okay. And then don’t react. Slowly it will build out a character of you – which lets you be at peace when the bad things happen.

When your phone fell and broke, what can you actually do? Can you reverse it, no? Then there is no point in being so mad. Sure, you can be sad. But by practicing to say – okay, you will make the moving on the process a lot quicker and better.

Also, it doesn’t make any sense to shout at anyone when they fell your phone. Accidents happen and imagine yourself at their position. Damage is already done, why do some more. Breathe and say okay. And now work on to fix it. Accept their apology and move on.

This will help you to focus and let your energy channel into a positive vibe. Remember, whenever you feel some strong negative emotions bundling up, say okay.