What It Means To Be Flexible Within Reasons

The moment you enter the restaurant, you were taken back. The place was perfectly lit, and the staff smiled and welcomed you. As you sat, the waiter made you feel comfortable and gave you the time to relax and then order.

This was different from many places where time is being pushed. So that they can get more customers and thus more money. Rarely a restaurant cares about your experience.

It was a small place, so this came as a little surprise. And you were happy about this – looking forward to a beautiful night.

You ordered a bunch of things. And among them was special from the restaurant. You asked about the ingredients.

So they said – it had many things and ended with 1 salad topping. Your mouth was watery. You wanted to have that, but you were a salad fanatic too. So you asked them to give that special dish with extra salad.

And the waiter denied. Her reasoning was, it was special, and if the ingredients are messed with, then the taste might get hampered.

As such the reputation of the restaurant would take a hit. You kept insisting, and they kept denying. You finished your meal and left the place.

The PayDay

You finished the day and forgot about the incident. You have worked hard every day and completed your hours. The paycheck at the end of the month makes you feel happy because it pays for the rent and the paying off debt.

However, there is little to no savings because you are trying to clear off the debt as fast as you can.

And the salary gets credited…

But it’s less than your usual salary. You inquire about this the next day, and they show you the worksheet that you have worked 7 hours and 50 minutes on a particular day. So they have deducted the half day salary for that day.

This makes you furious because it seems unreasonable to you. Your boss is adamant. She shows you the terms and conditions, and it states clearly that half day salary will be deducted if you work more than 4 hours and less than 8 hours.

You ask for little flexibility, and it is denied right away. You become sad and go on about the day.

Not Rigid

Life’s a rollercoaster. And often you will find yourself on different ends of the same equation. Maybe you are being an applicant who desperately needs a job, and sometimes you can be the one who is looking forward to grill people based on their job application.

There are rules and regulation to have a system in place. But they are made for better functioning.

But if you are flexible within reasons, then you can achieve much more than just by being rigid.

Sure enough, a restaurant special is unique. But the pleasing customer is important too – you can do what customers say and call it a custom order, so the reviews are for that and not for your restaurants special. So both you and the customer is happy.

Also, being a boss, you need to be considerate when one of your employees goes home a little early.

Being flexible with the right mindset can set the tone better. And it will result in much better situations for you and most people involved.

Next time you are faced with a challenge, try to come up with a bargain by being flexible, which doesn’t hamper much.