What Is Your Progress?

Your boss ask this. Your co-worker asks this and sometimes you ask this to yourself. You are looking for some kind of fulfilment on the fact that you have made some progress.

After all, who wants to be stale and be content in life.

Taking a seat back and looking to life through the lens of philosophy, you can see that the true meaning of life is happiness. And if you are chasing something every time then you will end up being not so happy.

Reason being, you are looking for happiness how much you have progressed compared to someone else.

Do you have the car, money or prestige more? Compared with anyone you are willing to compare your life with.

Contrast this with the fact that – your life is a series of moments and you decide how you want to live life.

The best way to live life is to be content with your current status. Also, be hungry for more creative work.

Not the money, status or affiliations – they are optional. Be hungry for doing stuff that matters.