What Is Thinking?

It’s an idea in your brain which is tingling and making sensation. You are alive in the present state of body but you are not there. Your brain is wandering, thinking about consequences and doing nothing.

Sometimes it is like you are dreaming in the physical state of being alive. For example, you might be doing your chores and dreaming of million dollars and all the things you can do with that much money.

And in this hypothetical scenario, you are thinking about decisions in your mind for situations which hasn’t happened.

Thinking is necessary for anything and everything that is bothering you, making you go crazy or your passion. But you need then make it an action.

Sure thinking about million dollars is nice and it gives happiness for a certain time but then you come to reality. And if you want to change your reality, you need to do something about it.

Pondering about how you could navigate approaching your love is good. But then you have to test it out and do something about it.

Think, take action and then think again. Follow this system and you will be even more amazing.