What If Your Friends Don’t Want You To Eat Along With Them

That hurts.

Apart from that, let’s dive in to see how you can become the hero you wished came to save you. Because this isn’t a fairy tale and you aren’t in a movie, you are your own superhero.

Not Getting To Eat

Humans are a breed apart from every other species. Because they have nuances in everything they do. Sometimes when you feel someone is cozy, they might be terrified and other times when you see someone as a pillar of strength, they might be crying at night.

Many things are going on, and thus, you are not a linear expression. Your emotions, feelings, and expressions are a complex thing which can be interpreted in many different things.

One best thing you can experience in a human setting is social groups centered on eating. If you eat alone, then you are considered weirdo.

Eating together is viewed as a good thing because it promotes healthy conversations; hang out zones, and stress-free jokes.

But in the same setting, some bad things can happen. Maybe you are not allowed to hang out as open as you thought. You might be selectively targeted and made fun of. Even further, you can be made to realize how small you are. And therefore, you start to eat alone. And this meant they excluded you from the fun, happening, and best social setting.

Focus On Your Diet

You become sad because you feel like targeted, and now you are alone – every bite you take, you feel the stress and unhappy feelings group up to make you miserable.

But this is an opportunity. Because if you ever wanted to follow a particular diet, it was difficult in a group setting. There are many questions – why you are doing this, are you sure and thus many hindrances occur.

Once you have tackled that, there is a constant pressure to give in because you are progressing and others don’t want that.

Now that you are alone eat whatever you want. Follow the all carb diet or no-carb one. Eat only fruits or skip a meal. Whatever meal plan you have decided consulting with your doctor, you can follow it to 100 percent. And there will be no distraction of good foods to lure you in.

Miraculously, for this goal, you thrive better if you are alone. Anytime when you feel like you are missing out – remember you can watch a good podcast, listen to informative pieces or watch a movie while you are eating. And boom you will have experienced the mega boast of happiness while eating.

Say No Less

Often times, you say yes to people because you are being nice. And this results in you doing ten different things, and your priority doesn’t get done.

And this habit can result in severe damages. For example, if in your relationship, you keep saying yes to questions in the initial years, it will all accumulate and then burst out in later years.

By saying yes, you are giving a wrong impression, and although you might make people sad in the short term, you will end up happy in the long term.

Also, your habit helps you build friends, colleagues, and spouse around your idea. The way you project yourself becomes the basis of all the relationships you will be having. And when you are on a diet, you can eat your meal plan in peace. Unlike in social group setting, where you will be offered ten different things and it would be demanding to say NO.

Different Perspectives

Bad things happen and will keep on happening. Once that happens – you have two choices. Either you can keep crying about it, how unfair it was and then feel sorry about your life. Or you can see things with a different perspective to make the best out of your situation.

Eating alone because others didn’t want you is a bad thing. But you can see all the positives and then work on it to make the experience better for yourself.

In all other areas of life, take charge of the situation and keep your head high despite what others make of your situation.

Remember, you are the boss of your life, the captain of your ship and you can live a beautiful life only when you stir it that way. Keep rocking and stay awesome.