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What If You Are Wrong

Each day our body changes by shedding old cells. And by forming new cells – millions of them. Our mind on the other hand evolves by absorbing new ideas, learning skills and making progress along the way.

Yet, sometimes you get caught up in the idea of greatness, the feeling of superiority and the illusion of being right. And it only gets worse with time.

Let me explain…

When you have arguments or discussion, at the core of it – you want to change their opinions, prove them wrong and feel superior. You feel there is only one right person and that is you. The sad part is you fail to put yourself in the shoes of other person.

The harder it is for you to throw your idea and adopt new one, the harder it is for that person too.

Yet you grill, shout and throw in facts to make yourself feel good.

What if you listen and let your mind make peace with the opposing idea. What if the whole exercise of argument wasn’t to force your ideas on another person. Instead you let their ideas sit in for some time. And then make any decision by using your intellect.

But whatever the outcome, don’t force it on someone. Instead make a point and then leave the topic. Let the other person come up with their conclusion.

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