What If You Are Angry?

As you start the job where you need to earn the bread and butter, you feel stressed. Contrast with childhood, you now know the full scope of the world. If you don’t do the work then there won’t be food on the table.

Being a kid helps a lot because you don’t need to worry about food. You just know that you can ask your parents for money and you will get it.

The harsh journey most of you need to go through is not obvious to a kid who is living in a fairy world.

In a job, you take the harsh treatment and try to keep your calm because if you snap, it’s over. You might have to let go of the job and it would mean there is no food. Because you don’t have much savings in the bank account. Now that you are thinking about it, start saving now so the stress becomes less in the future.

At the end of the job, you come home and your mother is shouting at you. Now you can’t take it anymore because you are angry…

So What?

Yes, you are angry but it doesn’t make sense to snap at your mother for the pressure you got at the day job.

Stay calm. Keep going. Practice.

Yes, now that you are an adult, you should know that anger doesn’t result in good outcomes. Focus that energy to push yourself to get better and not reflect badly towards other people.

The very thing you are angry about will be maximized when you show your anger. For example, if you are angry that you don’t get a peace of mind, then by being angrier you are losing more peace of mind. So it is not a win situation for you.

Shout if you want to, cry but don’t let it out on other people. Do it when you are alone and when all your energy is drained – call your loved ones who you believe in, tell them how you feel.

This does all the trick for you to channel your anger. Yes, you might be angry. It’s okay – get over it and move on to the next thing.

You have no other better option. Go ahead and keep making. Keep learning, bettering yourself so you live a good fulfilling life.