What Do You Need For Dance Practice

Dance is a rigorous exercise routine. If you are someone who aspires to dance better everyday then you have to practice it out. And in the initial years, you have to practice for at least 4 hours or more per day.

Now doing that is tough for many people because you are doing a 9 to 5 job where you are asked to do unpaid overtime. And if you resist then somehow you are portrayed as the villain.

But what are the things you need to dance your heart out and progress in your life..? Here is a partial list. Of course there will be people who can manage without all of these. But I believe that these things help a lot.

  1. An air conditioned room helps you in cooling. Because you sweat a lot when you dance.
  2. Water bottle beside your side because you will need those to remain hydrated.
  3. A dedicated room with mirrors so you can see how you look like dancing.
  4. Dancing shoes. It is different than dancing on naked feet. Also if the surface is light on your feet, it helps a lot.
  5. Extra clothes if you get too sticky while practicing which you will.
  6. A dance teacher either physically or virtual. It helps you limit your learning years.
  7. Support of family because it helps you keep the momentum.
  8. A scale to measure if you keep doing this for success or continue as a hobby.
  9. Knee pads and padding in general – the level of dancing requires you to do some crazy things.
  10. Regular doctor checkup to see if you are physically fit to continue.
  11. An exercise routine to strengthen your core.
  12. An account to display your videos. So you can see progress from years back.
  13. Musicality which will come by listening to songs, understanding the lyrics, maybe learning an instrument.
  14. Taking the process slow so you focus more on the basics and then move on.
  15. Keeping negative friends away because they can make your moral down.
  16. Taking feedback from a trusted group of friends whom you can be honest with and vice versa.
  17. Funky clothes because you look more amazing dancing when done in appropriate attire.
  18. Being open to learn and sharing what you know – there are no competitors only buddies. Because if you are good, people will automatically know.
  19. Don’t bet your whole life on dance or anything. Keep your options open, just in case.
  20. Take rest in between practice days. Those are equally important.
  21. If you get into physically or emotional trauma then work on them. That way you can dance better once you become fit.
  22. Experiment- try mixing styles or letting yourself loose. Do some freestyle. It will open up the world of creative and new dimensions.
  23. Focus on the expressions – the face. It matters a lot.

That’s all I can think of it right now. What’s yours, please share and dance away.