What Can Cumulative Anger Do For Your Health

Life is harsh, unfair and unpredictable. Sometimes you might wonder why such a thing is happening to you, why the almighty is so harsh. But the best thing is to endure it and become strong.

Then you will find that other people are getting unfair advantages. And in some cases, you get the unfair advantage. The best way is to make peace with this and become the best human. And when you think everything is going in the right direction, life takes a u-turn. Whenever you feel you have everything in control, life reminds you to expect the unpredictable.

But all of this doesn’t make sense to you in an instant. It takes time, and so the first reaction that comes from within you is anger.

When you see someone taking advantage of the situation and robbing you of the prize, you feel the heart beating fast, blood boiling and you feel like it is robbery. No one can see what you saw. And if you try to explain how unfair it is, most people will laugh at you because you are crying for losing.

You feel like punching the wall. And chances are you might do it if you are in either huge rage or being a rebellious teenager. And when it happens, you will realize the most important lesson. When in anger, you make stupid decisions. And punching the wall doesn’t help with your anger issues or solves the matter. You now end up with the same situation, but now your hand is in pain.

Some people do worse things and take their anger on other unsuspecting people. So if your sister annoys a little bit, you put all your rage on her.

She gets all the heat for a thing she didn’t deserve, she didn’t do. But you feel relaxed because your anger has been flushed. But deep down, you know, you have done wrong. And that sleep at night doesn’t come easy, right?

Bottling Up

Another thing which happens a lot is that the anger keeps boiling at many interactions, but you don’t react. You let that stay within you and maybe mumble something. This way, you will keep on becoming more frustrated at another annoyance. And when sometimes which shouldn’t trigger you, will start to trigger.

You will start reacting on small things, and it will cost you your productivity, peace of mind and healthy well-meaning life.

So that’s not the way to go for sure. The best thing is to believe in the quote by Hanlon Razor – Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. In simpler words: some bad things happen not because of people having bad intentions, but because they did not think it through properly.

And channel yourself to become more peaceful, forgiving and open – this way you will find yourself in a happy medium. Cumulative anger then won’t be a problem because there won’t be anything cumulative about anger.

It’s Not Worth It

When you sit down, sleep and eat food – you realize that the anger was a waste of time. And you didn’t mean almost all of it.

So next time, you are getting angry – try sleeping. You will lead a better life.