What Are You Scared Of?

When you see the girl of your dreams, you are afraid to ask her out. What if she rejects you?

That seems like a valid fear. But what is the alternative? Would you live in eternity without knowing how she feels? And in the process miss out on so many interactions which would have been possible.

Sure, a rejection hurts. Like HELL. But knowing the answer can help you see there is no chance.

So, you can pursue other partners and not waste your time wondering. The pain will go with time. And since you will find someone else, you will be better off.

Is it a failure?

If there was a magic code to succeed at anything, then you wouldn’t give it to anyone.

So when someone offers you a trick to win at something, beware. Because chances are you will be duped.

The best way to succeed at anything is to follow a few things. First remember, failure is a part of the journey. Only when you have failed enough times, can you succeed.

Take mentorship and coaches to accelerate your journey. And the best thing is to give yourself a limit. For example, if you haven’t moved to top 1000 rank by playing 1000 games of chess, you will quit. And try something else. But for those 1000 games, give your best.

Learn and immerse yourself. Accept failures. And keep on working, don’t be lazy with approach.

Being Afraid Does No Good

It helped you when you spotted a tiger because otherwise you would have died. But now, trying for public speaking, pitching your story or proposal of love isn’t life threatening.

It’s the same emotional feeling because of evolution. But the outcome is okay. The best way to see is this – if you didn’t fear a tiger, you would die.

But now, you can fail multiple times and still try again. So, the failure isn’t that much of a deal.

Sure, the fear won’t go away like magic. But learn to live with it. Let it be – but not guide you. Do what you want, create magic – there’s nothing to be scare of.