What Are You Gonna Do With That Knowledge?

Losing weight is hard. You just can’t exercise your way to a slim body. There are multiple layer of will power, diet and exercising to bring in the desired result. Most people get it wrong – they think only exercising helps. Surprise, it doesn’t.

You aren’t like them, you know that having a calorie deficit diet is the key to lose weight. Also that diet should give you your required vitamins and minerals.

And you pride yourself in knowing that. But you are fat and you eat like a crazy person, often ending up over-eating.

What’s the use?

If you know how to specifically lose weight and you know being obese brings in many problems. Then you should apply it to yourself. Knowledge without application doesn’t help. Knowing isn’t enough. Of course, will power, persistence is required – but you need to put yourself in practice.

No Value

If you have the world’s best wisdom. But if you intend to keep it in your head then it is a pure waste.

Humans thrive on connection and grow to become better. Everyone has some knowledge and expertise. Together we become an invincible force because cumulative that knowledge is powerful.

Hoarding your knowledge, not sharing and not practicing is a pure waste. Traditional higher caste people used to do this.

They would spread their learnings only to other higher caste people. And lower caste people were left to themselves – without any adequate resources. It wasn’t that lower caste people were incapable. It’s just that they weren’t given any chance to understand and bring out the change or impact.

Better For Everyone

If you put your knowledge to practice then it is beneficial to yourself. If you share it then it is beneficial for that person. And if don’t claim ownership as such on basic fundamentals then it is beneficial for the whole humanity.

The whole idea of learning is to become better, share and level up to the next better outcome. Because as humans, you need to keep growing your standard.

Most of the problems which exists can be solved by approaching it with a wisdom of some kind. And guess what, you won’t have that available if others won’t share or practice them.

So share the beautiful things you know with the world. Better practice them as a way of life. And people can model from you.