What Are Birthdays For?

On one thing, they are a reminder that you were lucky enough to live another year. Also, it is a reminder that you have lost one more year from your total life.

Doesn’t matter which perspective you follow, birthdays like new year can act like an annual reminder. And you can introspect in your life.

What went wrong, what went new and what surprised you. Chances are when you do the sum total, you will feel only grateful.

But there is a chance of improvement, there always is. Because there is so much to achieve. While you are at it, don’t forget to be happy where you are.

Here are some things I look forward to have done by my next birthday

  1. Have at least 100 total post in my podcast blog
  2. Have at least 3 months of buffer money
  3. Done 3 lunch with friends at home
  4. Became more patient
  5. Philosophy podcast in third season or so
  6. Impacted even more people
  7. Traveled to a different country

That seems fine – I wish you all the best for your birthday. Share your thoughts and let it make you ponder.