Watching Ishaqzaade, Seth Godin And Lifelong Projects

College romance is the best because you stay together most of the times, it feels like an eternity and there is apparently no responsibility. But most don’t blossom into a full-time thing after college, and it’s okay.

The journey is important in anything and love is no different. The first expression, touch and understanding the relationship plays an important role to nurture you. The hard break-off period also ends up teaching a lot of matureness and human psychology.

Suffice to say, it is a huge learning experience. And there is no right age for you to fall in love.

You just do and then it happens again till you find someone with whom you are willing to spend a longer period of time. Not because they are perfect or you have become great, it’s just that you now understand companionship is more important than merely being in love love all the time.

Watching Ishaqzaade

I happened to watch this movie called, ‘Ishaqzaade’ and it revolves around 2 lovers who are separated by the caste system. Something which reflects my own little love story. So when I watched it at that time, I related to it like crazy.

Sometimes experiencing things at the right time triggers emotions, decisions, and perspectives which ain’t possible any other time.

Impact Of Seth Godin

Seth Godin has a profound impact on my life. I don’t know how or through whom I ended up on his blog. But I haven’t looked back.

He is different. He teaches you to see things differently. Do the work that matters and encourages you to take up projects in life. It resonated so deeply that I live my life as per his teaching. And my long term goal is to keep on doing projects every year. Which keeps me engaged every day.

In fact, writing a daily blog is a habit I stole from him. And wow, it is a great feeling. To share what you know, think and want to see in the world around you. Looking back, there is an archive of information to see how you have grown.

And yes, I share his views that you should have a personal blog and write a book – not because there is some huge money success waiting for you. But rather the act of blogging it daily pays of with clear mind and perspectives. And writing a book requires huge emotional labor. And chances are you have a book within you – so bring it out.

I hope you find things which inspire, moves you and makes you think. So that you bring out your inner self to a better way to live life.

Come join in with your projects, ideas and your unique way of seeing things. Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work, you are welcomed to do it again.