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Your career is often defined by the number of paychecks and promotions you encounter. The ideal scenario is to seek out the opportunities and upgrade yourself to the level you desire.

But people wait. They let themselves surrender into the system and hope for the best. Doing the daily activities like a robot and hoping the boss will notice. Or sometimes you wish – there will be equal promotion for all the employees. This might make the life of an average performer bright.

But you are high performer.

If your current organisation isn’t capable of the growth you want, then you shouldn’t be afraid of jump. In other scenario, even if you stick with the same employer for long, it should be because the work that matters to you. And it is giving you the respect you deserve.

Waiting is an ancient term. Don’t wait for your bosses to recognise you. Don’t wait for the growth opportunities to fell in your lap. Go out and be proactive.

Level up your skills by any means possible. And tell the world you are ready – for the scary, unknown and the leadership work.

Stop waiting.

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