Vacation Is The Push You Need

Life takes a toll on your well-being. Often the society tells you that the score is a must of wins and losses. So you can see if you are a success or not.

As such, you are told to do the work by forcing your mind and body for tremendous hours. Since you are young – you give in to the notion.

But someone who is in the 30s recognizes that your body and mind’s well-being is of utmost importance.

And you can’t work optimally for 10 hours.

More likely, you sprint for some hours – those are your best work. And then you do some basic stuff or relaxing.

But your company or peers tell you to do more, so you succeed. That isn’t the answer. Consistency is more important than giving pain to yourself.

In the long run, you will thank when you have a healthy body and mind.

Breaks Are The Deal

If you are working on a problem, then you need systems to help you solve it. First is to be aware of what the actual problem is.

Because many times, the surface problem is different. But you are supposed to look at the root problem. The best way is to ask 5 Why questions and see if it helps.

Another thing is to take help from others. You don’t have to do it all. No one is supposed to be an expert. You need to see things, make assertions and test them. It might no work. But you get to try again.

The thrill is in doing the work to get to the other side. Also, have a deadline.

Because when you have a deadline, you give your best shot and if it isn’t solved by a certain date, you can focus your energy on other things.

However, there is a golden trick. Take a break.

From the problem for a few days. And do nothing – enjoy yourself. Come back to the problem, you will often find new perspectives which you haven’t thought before.

The Long Vacation

If you see the remote culture trend, many startups have perks—infinite food, games, insurance and travel. Often twice a year.

Have you wondered why startups which are famous for demanding huge hours are allowing their employees to travel, and they even sponsor them.

Because the truth is they have realized, you do your best work when everything else is in place. If you are getting amazing pay, perks and a yearly trip to abroad – you give your best. And that often doesn’t mean long hours.

Everyone is different in their working nature. You might work only for 2 hours and do your stellar work.

The startups don’t bother you with time log, they want the work to be done. And that’s it. I hope other companies join in to make the working culture better overall.

But you don’t have to wait, you can take the long vacation yourself. Here are some pointers for you to help:

  • Don’t carry your work on vacation.
  • Avoid tech when travelling, so you immerse yourself in the location.
  • Take long leaves at least twice a year.
  • Try something new on vacations like fishing, surfing or anything – so you have an amazing memory.
  • Have fun.

That’s it and come back stronger than before. Your body needs sleep so it can repair you. It would be best if you had vacations to help you do even better.

Take that break, take that vacation – you deserve and need it. It only adds to you doing even amazing work.

The future is that you are going to do creative work in studios. And as such, you will be doing a marathon of sprints. Meaning you will do focused work for a short time. And do a bunch of them.

However, it would help if you had breaks in between and long vacations to be in a quiet, calm and energizing zone.