Unfairness In Life

For starters, it exists and you can’t do anything about it. Sure there are people fighting for equality and fairness, but they do so because they are highly passionate or are getting paid.

Regardless, the change from their revolution will come after you had lived your life.

So the best approach for you is to accept that life isn’t fair. For example, even the basic thing like location of birth can drastically change your destiny.

Then comes the parents wealth, influence, opportunities you get and so on.

You can cry about it. But then you will live a sad life for something which wasn’t in your control.

Yes, life’s hard and unfair and sometimes biased because of corrupt people. Like gambling, this is the card you have dealt with.

Sure you can declare yourself as a failure or still play the best you can. And that’s what you should do.

Keep improving, try your best and make the most of what you have and can get your hands on. That would be the best thing for yourself and your happiness.

Because happiness is a choice you make. So go ahead and choose to be happy regardless.