Try That Thing, It Is Worth It

When you think about a new way of doing things, it feels scary. Because it might not work. And sticking to the plan which works seems like a logical step.

And then you move on to the different activity. After some time, the dilemma comes again – whether you should try something new or stick with the normal.

Slowly you are conditioning yourself not to take the risk. And you fall into place where you aren’t making progress as much as you would like.

Good Things

When you try something new, there is a chance that you might discover something new, fresh and exciting. The results can be ground shattering and as such, taking risks to do something new is a good thing.

If you keep doing the same thing, then there won’t be any positive change. So do that new thing which is bugging you.

What If You Fail

Sure, that is a possibility too, and the chances are that is a stronger possibility. And you might think that not risking is the best way to go.

But here is the counter-intuitive thinking – even if you fail, you are all set. Because you now know what doesn’t work for sure and you can always go back to the old way of doing things.

So scratch that itches to try something even if you find it isn’t worth it.