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Trading Value

You get up from the yesterdays leisure sleep. All the drama that happened yesterday is a past tense and you feel relieved to wake up with good thoughts and energy.

And then the bell rings…

Someone is on the door. A cat maybe – I guess I am watching too many cat videos. It’s 7 in the morning – no one comes around this time. Let me push myself through the bed and see who is knocking.

Enter Sharmaji,..

The old, respected and the nosy person of the society – what luck. I greeted him with all my energy. But he bounced back with dejection, I felt my day had been started as bad. He continued to tell how there are only few days left in his life. And he feels like it is time to say sorry to everyone who he knows. This is his method of finding closure.

I instantly joined to tell him there isn’t anything that is bothering. Of course I lied. It was a good one because he was going to die anyway.

He told me about a program which he had joined that helps people of old age to find joy in the park.

He paid lots of money for that. I couldn’t believe he was wasting on money on something so simple. I expressed my concern.

And then what he told me made me awestruck….

Sharmaji quoted.

“It isn’t that I couldn’t do this on my own. But because of my time limitation, I want to get to the fun part fast. I see value in it.”

Something which is worth because he had limited time.

 – – – –

Reflecting back on the incident, I realised I am not going to be alive for a long time anyway. And I better accelerate my life where I care so much.

It isn’t show off to hire a coach for running 1 mile. If that is what you care and haven’t achieved till now, then go for it.

Buy value…for your time.

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