Thinking Of Future

Rowing along the day, you feel lost. Among the sea there are many creatures but the starfish attracts many people and other predatory animals. Death is inevitable but it ain’t about the destination in the first place. The journey plays an important role because that matters and everything else is just there.

Making peace with the status role is important and learning around the game being played is needed to grow in every aspect.

And then you die, slowly because you didn’t follow your passion. Sometimes you are weak, sometimes you made excuse and other times there is no hope in the long run.

The shiny object keeps distracting you – from the movies, dance and singing. One day you are the legend in kickboxing and then next day you are practicing singing. Starting from the YouTube videos – you think about the next video and progress. And then you skip ahead and watch ton of videos. Slowly you have finished all of them and you are engrossed and tired.

You have consumed all the material for a fortnight in one day and still accomplished nothing. Because you have been passively consuming. It happens because the adrenaline rush and the instant win pushes you to click on next video and then get lost. But unlike the starfish you don’t get found by other predators. Your hunting happens on an emotional level. Because next day is the same – the passion drops, something new gets your attention. And boom the cycle starts.


The instant hit of a song – going viral is happening fast and often. Kids upload videos and most of them don’t make sense. But the people like the silly stuff and then the culture revolves around that. Remember if you like and reward the silly videos – it is a message that such videos will be promoted. So other creators might come and make more silly videos. It starts a cycle and then it is difficult to break.

Same is the case with your environment and culture. The way your boss rewards shapes the culture of the company and everyone starts to revolve around that. So if you are in charge then think about it and reward the people and habits which you want to see more of.

But all of this is a dream at this moment. Because change doesn’t happen instant. It takes a process which requires many people to put in their money, time and then over long-term the change happens. And even then it is not guaranteed. But either way you need to persist in something you believe in.

On other note, dreaming harms in some way to you. For example, when you think about the passion say dancing – you start to imagine the effect, fame and money which might come in 10 years.

But then you do nothing. The hard work is something which you don’t see and then get yourself in the loop of dreaming and then doing okay or mediocre work. This only harms so focus on the now – the hard work required. Dream, but don’t let it drag or make you miss steps along your journey.

What Do You Do?

Let the dream machine run while you are doing the hard work. Because it is inevitable. Your brain is wired to think about all the benefits you will get once you rock the passion you want to follow.

For example, if you dream of dancing like a rock star then your brain will imagine surfing on the crowd, going around in cars of superior nature and similar experiences. Slowly you will get a sugar rush from thinking. And if you crave for it then slowly you will envision the same dream many times.

But in reality you won’t reach there. Unless you let your brain’s focus shift from the future and focus on present. Because whatever you do – do it today and then do it again and again. Slowly it builds up. And before you can realize you would have created so many things and progressed a lot.