Things You Always Kept On Postponing

If you stay on the internet long enough, you will come across tons of great ideas to start a business on. And if you stay further, then you will find reasons on why they don’t work.

Back to square one – you find yourself struggling with doing anything specific. So you get back to watching cat videos and sticking to your 9 to 5 job.

Sure, safety is important. But you are more than just doing your job. There is passion, creativity and somewhere a burning itch to do more. What are you going to do about that?

Back when I was a kid, I always used to fascinate about doing 10 different things. From playing sports to bring medals, inventing something to fighting for saving the world – and then I grew up. Then I shifted my focus to becoming a dancer, writer, and leader. On the outset, all of these seems like a far-fetched dream. And maybe they are. But what’s life if you don’t pursue what you itch for and regret not knowing the outcome.


People die every day because there are so many humans that the probability of death happening every day is high. And so is the birth of new generation human race.

When a person dies, there are lots of things which dies that day. Their hopes, dreams, passion, leaps they didn’t take, hugs they didn’t offer, kisses they didn’t cherish and love they didn’t reciprocate.

It might seem like a bad way to see death. And perhaps it is. But then that is the point.

Because there is no guarantee of life, it can end abruptly. So don’t wait for too long for things you want to do.

Of course, you can’t do everything. So here is an exercise, write down 20 things you want to do in your life. Then mark the top 5. Your goal is to do the top 5. If you complete it then make another list and repeat. But don’t keep on postponing plans – now is the time, take that leap.

Multiple Projects

You do have time because it’s all about priority. So if you want to work on some project then chances are you can start it now. Yes, you can’t devote 8 hours per day. But you can start with an hour per day. Or an hour per week.

The idea is to start and test waters. And if things go south then you can try something new. Or if there are bright things happening, then you can double down on your efforts.

But all of these is only possible when you don’t wait for some magic moment because chances are it won’t come.

Make the list and take the leap – it would become the best decision you will have in your life. Make that project live, write that book, speak at that NGO event, connect with people and change the world.