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Things Break

Christmas is the festival of lights and shopping on huge discounts. Rushing through the door, taking hold of everything you can you buy them all. And then you regret at home when you see the items which you bought but don’t need.

And then you vow that you will never buy on impulse. Next day the discount arrives in your mailbox and boom you are off to the store.

Shopping is addictive to the extent that it is embedded in the deep behavior. You love to collect things because it is a status symbol. The culture around you rewards people with more stuffs with respect, recognition and more opportunities. It becomes a vicious cycle of consumption.

And then you call your friends at home to show them the new refrigerator which can cool in 1 hour.

The moment of pride is going to become one of the embarrassed story of yours. Because your refrigerator got broke.


You can’t deal with the fact that your spotlight has been taken and something worse had happened. All of your friends would laugh at you and then remember this incident and take names. You will become a joke of the year. And the worst thing is deep inside you will remember this incident for a longer time than all your friends.

When your all game is surrounded around status roles, it is easy to get shattered when you fail.

Because the game is played longer when you succeed and not when you fail. The whole structure is designed to give more to higher status people and less to lower status people.

So when your refrigerator breaks, your status changes instantly and it is difficult to get out of that feeling.


Things will break and you will be bound to many failures in life. So the best way going forward is to change the game you are playing.

Don’t play the status roles among friends – enjoy the moments. When the fridge breaks, have a party by going to the bar nearby. Or just eat lasagna at home with your buddies and chill.

When you flip the idea around in your mind, you can play the long game where you embrace failure, learn and move on to the next thing. Your life will be more meaningful, fulfilled and you won’t become sad when things break.

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