The Unrelated Relationship

As the sun sets, so does my heart. Because that’s the time to go home and it would be another 12 hours to see her face again.

I know her and she knows me. But there is no romance. We haven’t talked about how to take this relationship of friendship forward. At this point, I am the only one who is thinking on these lines. She is mostly unaware of the proceedings.

For her, I am just a guy who is a colleague.

And every day who comes and disturbs her. But for me, that’s an opportunity to see her little closer, talk and get lost in her smile.

Maybe this works out, maybe it won’t.

But she will be in a beautiful place in my heart.

I guess that’s the place for all the crushes, do you still sometimes remember your crushes?

First Love

If you had your romance in the college and went through the breakup, it is difficult to find that magic again. Seeing someone which makes you heart skip a beat happens when you have crushes. Because there is a mystery of not knowing. What she likes, what she desires and is there a place for you in her heart.

You want to know more but this would mean giving it a chance of success and failure. And at this point, you haven’t understood the concept of love. So you let it be. Seeing her from the distant and making the simple gestures which exist somewhere between more than friendship and less than love.

There can be various reasons for this attraction but chances are – this gushy feeling is the best which you have experienced.

There Can Be Many

The best thing about having a crush and not commitment is that you can have many such crushes. And you can enjoy that gushy feeling when she sees you, shares the food with you and ask you for a favour.

Love is the best thing that can happen to you. But all of this starts with a crush. The first experience of those warm feelings are crushes. Let it be, enjoy the flow because chances are this is the best way to experience the magical love.