The Stigma Around Alcohol And Other Drugs - How To Use Them Responsibly

Growing up the consensus around alcohol was to not do them. It is bad. And as such whoever would resort to alcohol consumption was a bad person.

And a part of the reason I don’t do alcohol is because it is bad. And another reason is that it doesn’t entice me enough to even try them out. I don’t want to get intoxicated, high or feel any heavenly feeling. I am fine without them. Also, the taste is off as told by people who drink them so there is literally zero incentive for me to try them out.

But youngster drink them all the time. Often under peer pressure to look cool or just because everyone else is drinking them.

There are some set of teenagers who fell in love and when they break up, they go in a sad zone. And everyone advises them to take a sip of alcohol to feel better.

I guess some of them are just looking for an excuse to drink alcohol. Like an achievement – okay I am heartbroken so if I drink the alcohol now, it is fine. But then I grew up…

Not Bad Person

The one analogy which was used a lot growing up was this: Alcohol = Bad person. But when I started interacting with people, I came across people who would drink the supposedly bad drink. And they seemed nice.

Also, I was confronted with people who never drank alcohol but they were as bad as a person could get.

My thought process got a shock, and slowly I realized drinking alcohol had nothing to do with how the person turns out.

It ain’t related to your conscience. My observation was this: if a person drinks too much for her appetite then they go crazy. Otherwise, they behave the same as compared to their non-drunk behavior.

Cold Drinks, Soft Drugs, And Intoxication

The basic principle applies – anything in heavy doses isn’t good. So it can be your soft drinks, soft drugs like marijuana or alcohol. As long as you are doing it in moderation and there is no pre-medical condition, you shall be fine. In any case, you can visit a doctor to see how much can you drink or consume safely.

You can consume innocent looking sugar in high quantity and get in trouble. So, now I see alcohol and there is no judgement being passed that they are a bad person.

Like when you do when you see me gulping down Coca-cola. So be true to your conscience and consume in moderation as per your body level. And you are fine to go.