The Possibilities of The Internet

You can become a millionaire or change the world. The impossible reach which was shunned by gatekeepers has been removed. And now, anyone can go viral and reach a billion people.

But the chances of these things happening to you is slim. There will be someone, but it won't be you.

So, what does the Internet help you with? You have to think small and leverage things along the way. Your goal should be to reach only some people - that's a start. Think small - keep redefining who your audience will be. And then shrink it down.

An example would be - someone who is in fitness. Redefine that to someone in fitness in their 20s with an issue of self-esteem. The more refined your audience becomes, the more chances you can connect with your audience. Because if something is for everyone, then it's as good as it's for no one.

Once you have identified this, the next step is building your reputation. Work and find the gaps you can fill, hang around in the communities, and showcase your best work and then people might engage and tell you how you can help. You can skim through that, find the correct angle, make something your audience will want and boom - the Internet would have provided you with everything.

Where Should You Start?

The first thing to understand is that the Internet is filled with get-rich-quick schemes or offers that waste your time. If you come across anything claiming to earn you hundreds of dollars with minimum effort, that's a scam. Also, stay away from anything which pays pennies for your work.

Once you have gotten this, you must look for similar things to get your foot in the door. For example, you can have an editing job in the offline and online worlds. Find a reputed firm online and apply to become their online editor. If your skill is not interesting, work on them. I think the best way to do that is by following people already on their roll - ask for their feedback. Learn the skills they have, and offer them to intern. And if you keep growing and helping, you will get the job.

This is the basic way to start taking opportunities available on the Internet. The second step is to do something which is exclusively available in the online world.

For example, selling your course is something available in the online realm, especially when your course is in the online format. This is where the hard journey of yours might start.

You can do this only when you have an audience. You can build this audience in many ways - the best way is to do a job at a firm, build relationships and then reach out to people with huge following to share your expertise. And then collect their email address. It's a hard journey but doable if your insights are worth it.

The Best Approach

If you can find a firm that operates remotely or exclusively works on the Internet where your skill is matched, you can find a job there. That's the best way to earn money on the Internet.

Other Internet ventures like writing, YouTube, podcast, and creativity outlet all work but only for some percentage of people. Sure, this percentage is bigger than in the real world, but still, there is some luck factor.

So, go ahead and create your YouTube channel or start that podcast and do everything to make it a success. But if it doesn't, call; it's okay. If you find success in this way, then good. Otherwise, keep doing them even if one benefits from this creative outlet. And for the money - find other sources. This way, you will have the best creative outlet without stressing you out.

Your Communities

The best thing Internet provides you is the community. You can find a community for almost anything because everyone around the world who can be online is online. So, if your passion is to write short stories on horror, you will find a community. Or if you are into reading old classics, you will find the community. Some communities might be big, and some small. And you might fit into many such communities because you are a passionate human being.

You can find those, engage and contribute. Your life is amazing; its desires, connections, and intrigue keep it going. Share, learn and give back.

Do this not to become the best community giver or with any other intentions but to give back to the community as the community provides you with a place to hang out. And eventually, you will find that the rewards kick in - like an online friend from that community or someone ready to give feedback on your work. If nothing else, you will experience pure bliss and joy. And that's all there is to life, the Internet and its possibilities.