The Mystery Of Brain

Think about it for a moment – yes, I am talking to you. But who are you? Your hand isn’t you, nor are your legs. It’s the brain that is doing all the work. And whatever your decisions, actions or thinking – you are your brain.

If every part of your body is to be replaced, you would still be you. As long as the brain isn’t replaced.

Of course, you would die. But imagine, if brain transplant became possible, then your brain would be likely to be transplanted into someone else’s body. Once it is successful, you will feel a different body. But you will be you. Because you are your brain.

A flesh of about 1.5 kilograms is you. All the things you feel, emotions which hurt and the happiness which triggers is your brain.

And yes it doesn’t understand itself so amazingly. It doesn’t need to. It works like a machine.

Because maybe it is. For example, the coffee maker didn’t know how it does what it does. But still, it makes fantastic coffee every time. Likewise, your brain doesn’t know all the intricate details and the whole of the intellect, but it still functions like a charm.

The Possibilities

If your brain which is you don’t know its full capabilities then for sure you will have doubts. The new scary project will make you afraid. And it’s alright – the trick is to know that there is no 100 per cent certainty.

Take the leap of faith, jump in, do your best and then analyze. Maybe the end result isn’t what you expected, but you can learn from the experience.

Also, you will grow as a person. And if you boil down the specifics, your job is to make sure you become a little better each day.

Expanding your horizon of understanding, being more calm, patient and caring is your primary focus. The rest might work or may not. But you don’t have to stress. Also, if only one thing works out of ten leaps of faiths, it means you got that one thing that worked. Which you couldn’t have found out if you were scared.

So open up to different possibilities. Maybe it doesn’t go anywhere, and that’s the point. Do it for fun. Experience being a newbie every now and then.

Go join that yoga class or sign up for that hike. Yes, you can quit so you can try something else. The possibilities are really endless.

You Are A Mystery

You learnt to walk – which is a significant task. The risk is that you will fall – break your bones, face or knees. And you do fall, it hurts. But as kids, you try again.

Now that you have been an adult, you are scared. Sure, be afraid of something which you can kill you. But that afraidness isn’t justified when you are trying to speak to an audience or take up an initiative to make a new service or product. Sure, the feeling of fear will come up. But remember, you aren’t going to die. Move forward, regardless.

If you keep doing the same things all your life, then you will have somewhat predictable outcomes.

Try different things – experience a new culture, take a deep breath. Say yes to some things and no to other things.

Realize that your life on Earth is a gift, and you could easily become a tree. Yes, trees are living beings too. So you have this power of language, understanding and empathy.

You have been given this as a gift, what do you do with this. You decide the whole world is available to you.

Make It Easy And Hard

Make your life easy by making sure you get money so you can eat, live and spend a little to support your dignity. Once you have achieved this – make your life hard by indulging in different risk-taking activities.

For example, get a job which pays you to survive and then work on a passion project on the weekends because that gives you the kick.

It might work or may not. Regardless, you will experience joy in your life. If it doesn’t work, no harm – you still get food. Try some new passion project. If it works, you can double down to see if it can replace your day job.

Travel a lot – you can do it with lots of money and enough money. You can take a flight or a train, live in 5-star hotels or live in hostels. Remember, the biggest takeaway is the visual scenery which is free for everyone and the culture which you can go and interact.

Start adding a travel budget – start small and then let it take up a good amount of your life, at least till your 35. Experience the beauty of the world, you deserve it, your beautiful, mysterious brain deserves it.