The Maggi Experiment

It’s easy to order someone to hand over food to you and complain but when you try cooking, you discover it is a skill which takes time to master.

And still,  some of your dishes won’t appeal to everyone. Sometimes, the salt is too much, the water is less, or the meat is half cooked. Cooking takes time to measure, understand, experiment, and then making a recipe which you can call yours.

If you are in a joint-family, then someone is taking charge of the meal of everyone in the house. But if you are a bachelor person who stays alone, then learning to cook becomes essential.

Basic Things

It doesn’t matter if the environment doesn’t allow you – try to learn some basic things so that you can live independently. Some things like – cleaning the house, cooking, getting dressed, basic communication and empathy will help you be a sound, independent, and help you live life on your own.

If you are alone in a house, then be prepared to live without anyone’s assistant. It will help you get by, and you will stay happy.

It’s similar to living in the jungle – you won’t go unless you learn how to make fire, hunt, and run. So don’t do the same in your concrete jungle, start preparing yourself now.

The Maggi

As such the temporary solution is the readymade foods which you can buy from restaurants. But if you do that daily, it becomes expensive and can affect your health.

Then the next progression is to buy half-cooked things which come relatively cheap and then cook them as per instructions. And the one thing which is popular among bachelors is Maggi.

You put the masala packet in boiling water and then put the Maggi noodles and boil for 2 minutes. That’s it, your food is ready to gulp down and enjoy.

It’s simple such that you don’t require any extensive knowledge, and the possibility of you messing it up is nil. Even if you cook less or more, it tastes fantastic. The ease of making Maggi makes it a favourite to have it at home. If you have a sudden hunger attack in the night, you can get up and be done with the cooking and eating within 5 minutes.


When you try cooking, then the experiment is a big part of it. But if you do it with expensive ingredients, then you will get discouraged fast.

Instead, start with easy dishes and inexpensive ingredients so that you can build up confidence. Of course, this doesn’t ensure you won’t make costly mistakes later, but this will make the transition an easy one.

Maggi costs less than $1, so you can buy them and experiment a little – try putting egg, onion, tomato or cheese or all of them. Does it taste better, can you use less proportion or more and make it awesome.

Try it out and soon you could make, different variations of Maggi, And now although you can cook one dish, you can eat for a week without getting bored.

Not About Maggi

Yes, all of this is a nice cooking lesson, and I encourage you to try something new in your kitchen today, this translates into everything you want to do.

Before making expensive mistakes, try experimenting with small things in life. Of course, you will fail, but your mindset will become open and accepting. Slowly you will find more joy, exposure, and colours in your life.

The experiment is a key to find something new or fall back to something old. Either way, the journey of doing something either to become self-sufficient, find new success, or be happy is worth it.