The Life Is Unexpected

But not the most of it.

Yes, it is difficult to predict with whom you will marry, but you can predict that you are going to marry.

It is difficult to predict how many kids you will be having, but you can predict that you will have kids of your own or in the family.

It is hard to predict when someone you love might die. But they will die for sure. Hence, it is best to prepare for life’s biggest event. It might be that you aren’t ready now, but you will be when the time comes. So get the finances ready, get the investment ready – because once those major decisions hit you, you want to be ready.

If you are the odd ones, who will not end up marrying or having kids or buying a house then good for you. Either way, your habit of preparing will help you to do other things like travel or spend on yourself as luxurious as possible.