The Librarian Who Prohibits Learning

A library which prohibits learning – not giving book because only 15 minutes is remaining. Or not giving a book which they think you shouldn’t be reading.

Access to the library is of prime importance. Although, now there is internet with access to infinite knowledge, sometimes you are looking for a place which has the vibe to consume a book in a quiet environment.

Hence, the library is still in existence, and it makes for a reliable, productive place. Often when you go in and constrain yourself to a book, you see others and get motivated to indulge.

The alternative is to go out of the library, but as long as you are in there, you feel like reading, exploring, and understanding.

But what would happen if someone stopped you from going to the library or made decisions on your behalf? Access is an important thing – in a capitalist world, often the access and consequently, distribution is restricted so that the people at the top can retain their position. It’s a sad reality, but it happens. And one of the revolutionary thing you can have access to is books – they have the power to change the world.

Knowledge Place

Public libraries provide a space for people who don’t have a quiet, ambient, and inspiring place to take in knowledge.

Often those people come from poor backgrounds, and thus, books provide them with knowledge to learn, understand, and upgrade their skill.

This results in them breaking the cycle of poverty and joining the so-called upper class where there are more opportunity, growth, and respect.

Because of all these benefits, it makes sense to open the public library to as many people as possible with minimum or subsidized fee and entry should be given to everyone. The more inclusive a library and its awareness is – the better society will be.

Denied Book

At one of the libraries I went, the librarian denied a book to me because she thought that I wouldn’t comprehend it.

And I am a Bachelor’s in Physics. At this point, I thought if I am being denied a book despite having a membership, then what about many less privileged people.

The real reason was that she wanted not to have open the less frequently opened shelf – hence she out rightly denied me.

If you are human, then it makes sense to have an open mind and not think less of someone. And if you are a librarian, then you need to give them the benefit of the doubt.

On another occasion, she denied me a book because there were only 15 minutes left for the closing time of the library.

Her reason was she didn’t want to wait longer and put the books back on the shelf so 15 minutes before she would stop giving books to read.

What if you wanted to reference something for a project – you might need to wait for one day. This might seem like a small nuisance, but when you consider the implications it could have, then this is in contrast with the role a librarian is given.

Centered Around Readers

Doesn’t what kind of job you are doing, your role should be centered around those you seek to serve. For example, if you are a librarian, then the readers who come in are your customers, and they should be of top priority.

When you do your work in this manner, your work will shine, you will become a better human being, and the overall growth of the society will flourish.

Being Open, Optimistic and Willing

These are the three characteristics which you can develop, and it will benefit you in the long run:

  • Being Open: There are different perspectives out there and you might be wrong most of the times
  • Optimistic: If you need to think of a reason of a mishap, it helps to think in optimistic manner first
  • Willing: And if you are ready to do the change, make an impact and connect – you and your work will shine

What else can you do to become a better person, do your work in the best possible way and uplift another human being?