The Invitation And The Treatment

I love dance and when there is a stress in my mind, I resort to dancing. I don’t need to feel high from coffee, smoking or alcohol. Because I get the high feeling when I dance. Sometimes people mistook me for a drunk person.

So whenever I hear music, I get intrigued and go to the source. If there is a function then I evaluate the scenario and if it feels comfortable, I join in.

Many times I feel the need of a company so I don’t look dumb. Rest of the times, I go solo and people mock me.

The things about mocking is – if you do it then that person won’t change his habits. Rather she will stop doing it in front of you.

And in my case, I was dancing which wasn’t hurting anyone. But still some of my friends and family members made fun of me. Because I couldn’t dance well. And that is the irony, no one was dancing like the best because it was a wedding. Not a dance competition where you have to excel.

If you see anyone of your close people doing something they enjoy like bad singing, dancing or any other creative endeavour then maybe don’t laugh at them.

Because that can leave an impression on them if they are young. Now that I am a mature adult, I don’t take hate comments personally but sometimes it hurts when it comes sudden. The better thing is now I know how to deal with it. As you know life is unfair and cruel and you have to somehow survive.

The Invitation

People know that I love dance. So on one occasion, I got invited by someone I know personally. At first, I thought maybe I won’t go because it was on odd timing and there will be unknown faces for me.

But she persisted and told me many times to come. And she would miss me if I didn’t show up.

This kind of appreciation and invitation is something everyone looks for. If you didn’t go to some party and someone missing you, that is something. No, I am not talking about romantic clues.

It is a human gesture and you have to earn it. Slowly bit by bit, showing up and making connections which last.

I felt happy, above the world and kept smiling for a while.

Then I went home and watched some YouTube videos to get the groove going for the event. Every occasion calls for a unique style of dance. And I wanted to be prepared in the best way possible. Somewhere I wanted her to feel happy that she wanted me so bad, I couldn’t let her down.

The Treatment

I showed up and was joyous to show my dance and get lost in the happy mood. Everyone arrived and my friend was around the corner. I waved my hand and she didn’t see it.

Then the music played – hip hop, slow contemporary and everything in between. I started dancing, she started dancing  – everyone was moving here and there.

And boom, I was lost in the hype, the feeling of getting high and moving with the music. Slowly I found myself near my friend, it is magical how you can dance and then you are besides your friend.

And it happened.She ignored me.

I was shock for a moment and then I tried again to say hi. And boom – she saw past me. It felt I was a ghost.

Despite the fact that she had invited me personally, she was behaving as if I was an alien who had came uninvited. And then I took a moment to get my head straight. Apparently she had ranked her friends as per 1 to 10 and I was somewhere near 6. Number 10 showed up, so she was focused in conversation with her.

If I had been the top numbered friend then I might have gotten attention. I felt bad. But I made peace with it.

And it left a scar in me, now I can’t trust people easily with what they say. I show up but with no expectation. And whatever receiving I get is a bonus for me.

What Do You Do

Who are you?

Are you one who ignores or gets ignored? Or maybe on the situation, you are both and now you can connect the dots.

Either you, I hope if you invite someone with enthusiasm then treat them accordingly. Let’s cut all those fake invitation. Imagine how would you feel if you were on the receiving end. Let’s be who you are and not play games.