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The Illusion Of Numbers

Facebook is the first choice to go when you need to connect with friends. And sure enough, people have 50 to 1000 friends on them. But how many of them will come when you call. Let me guess you don’t have numbers of all of them.

What’s going on here?

It is easy to get lost in numbers and feel good about yourself. But it is the reaction which matters the most. If you are in need and 5 friends show up or revert back with empathy – hand for help then they are the ones who are worthy.

Rest of them are good to have, feel good numbers. They might come in sometimes but not most of the times. And you will be one among those numbers in someone else’s Facebook profile.

Your Goal

What you want matters – if you own a YouTube channel then your goal will decide what is the value you have.

For example, if you need more views then the subscriber numbers is illusion. If you have 10 million subscribers but you get only 100 k views per video then all that big subscriber numbers is an illusion.

Or if you want to earn money from videos, then your video views on which ad is played matters to you. So if you get 1 million views but it gets copyright claim then those views are worthless to you. Another example, if you want more reach then it didn’t matter if you earn $100 from a video but got only 1000 views.

So your goal is important to find the number which matters to you. And everything else is just an illusion.

Your Turn

So whatever you are struggling with, try to find the numbers which matters to you. Once you find that, you can work on that to improve. And you won’t get influenced by vanity metrics.

Some places to dig in – social media followers, return on investment and number of friends.

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