The Illusion Of Automation

Automation is a beautiful thing. When you see a machine which can do things and need to know the working of it, it seems like magic.

And you want something like magic in your life.

Let’s take an example of shower. You just open the valve, and the water just beautifully flow in your head and you enjoy it. And that’s it.

There is no understanding you require before how it works, but that is automation. Now if you think about it, automation is everywhere.

Automatic exist in the cars, autonomous cars exist in your TV, automation exists in your shoes and everywhere. So, what is the future of automation.

The thing is technology keeps evolving. All you have to do is just remember that automation becomes a part of your life, a routine of life, and you get used to it.

So as a creator, what you should do. You should create the illusion of automation. What you have to do is just give the illusion of automation and do the hard, difficult work behind the scenes, such that the customer does not know what it is.

Let me give an example of the self lacing shoes. When you put your feet inside the shoes. The sensors get activated. It takes a laser measurement of your feet, and then tie up the lace, with the help of tension with the help of motor and all the difficult intricate things which are hidden in the shoes.

And for a customer, she doesn’t have to get understand. What is going on. She just needs to buy a shoes, which works. So the illusion of automation sells. And that’s how you create things of automation.

And that’s how it becomes a nominal daily lives. And you go about it and then there’s a claim for another automation, and you know what to do. Create another illusion of automation.