The Idea Of Decision

You are hungry and so is your friend. Both of you decide to go on a restaurant and it is full because it is a weekend. After battling with the queues, you come to a restaurant which serves Chinese food. You look at the menu and scratch your head, you pass on the menu to your friend – and she is confused too.

There is fried thing, some weird names and the regular rice and noodles. You debate a few 10 times in your mind and decide on the regular rice. Your friend nods in agreement.

You order your food and now it will take another 20 minutes to arrive. You have already wasted 30 minutes deciding on the food.

Why does it take long for you to decide – on a seemingly small thing – ordering food?


You don’t want to fail, not settle for the average – thus you look out for the best thing. And therefore your decision making reflects that. Many times there are decisions which might impact your evening and sometimes which might impact 10 years of your life.

And you don’t want to mess it up – so you take your time to decide whenever you are in power.

But in the long term it doesn’t help you. There are 3 to 4 areas of your life where you need to take best decision and the rest of the things will take care of itself.

For example, if you decide strongly on the career path you want to take then it will help in other areas. Say you choose on which gives you more money and you decided on each path of your career to get the most money. Then ordering food won’t bother you – because if you mess up then you can order again.

The abundance of money which you got by making strong decisions in career helps you in making quick decision at restaurant thus saving mental energy and time in many cases.

One Big Decision

Decide the battle you want to engage in. Everyone has different image to sustain and perspectives to take care of.

Choose where you want to spend your mental power each day on one big decision. For example, if you are the one who loves fashion then decide on which clothes to wear and then take the other small decisions in a snap or pass it on.

Similarly, if you are a foodie then choose your foods with all the measurement but don’t fret over which series to watch next. Just pick one and if it is bad, switch to something else. It is better than surfing for hours with nothing to watch.

Whatever the personality trait you care about, invest in them – make those the one big decision you take care. And the rest of things should be passed on to others – preferably those who care about those things.

Small Decision

One step at a time and you will walk 1000 steps over time. This principles applies to everything. Whatever is what you want to accomplish – decide on 100 different stages and you will grow.

For example, if you want to become fashion icon then choose what you wear today. Save money and subscribe to fashion magazines. But the services which stream the fashion shows. Go and watch the fashion show live – try to get a job in fashion world and so on.

All of these are micro decisions which will help you shape the idea which matters to you.

Slowly these small decisions will become the part of your identity and then you will become accomplished like you envisioned.

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