The Idea Of Companion

When you wake up in the morning, the body refuses to get up. It’s difficult to open the eyes and see straight into the light. 5 more minutes – you say and then sleep for 10 minutes which feels like the best sleep period. At night, when you try hard to close your eyes – sleep won’t come. But in the morning, the best of sleep comes which doesn’t help because you need to get up.

The day job is a pain because of the routine boring thing. You go in and do the task and somehow get it done. And then next day comes which is same like yesterday. The cycle keeps on repeating and you do it because of money, food on the table and rent.

Those Monday and the 5 days of week is hell. You somehow survive – the colleagues are shallow and full of jealousy. The office politics is on the peak and many times you become the target of the joke. People laugh, you get hurt and they move on. You are still there struggling to collect yourself and somehow finish the day.

Because whatever bad thing happens it is okay. You let everything pass by because in the weekend you have your chance to enjoy, be in peace and bring out the best in you.

Your childhood friend meets you every weekend and that is the time which makes you smile and you look forward to it. It’s bad that everyone else can’t be trusted and you have only one friend to share. But that’s what it is. So you wait and then boom get in the cycle of routine boring work and happening weekend.

The Memories

Weekends are fun – you go to the place of your choice, eat foods and talk a lot. About love, relationship and space of the universe. The relationship feels like eternity. And everyday you look forward to the special bonding moment.

You go on adventures – going on the mountains, flying kite, making stupid videos and putting them on YouTube. Slowly you find more things which is not similar and there comes the debate. The rational isn’t in the line because both of you are immature.

To and fro communications happen many times. Then you feel like a punch in your stomach when you lose. And then sometimes you win and your friend feels bad. Either way, both of you grow as you spend more time and gain more experiences. You make promises, envision the future and talk about pop culture and how it had shaped you.

But all of this about the change…

Grown Ups

Once you age, priorities keep changing, you start to find love partners and you have less time to spend on people. Maybe you change or your friend changes. Either way your idea of companionship starts to fade. And you question about the tomorrow. Uncertainty has taken the place.

So should you worry?

Absolutely no. Because this is life and forever is an illusion. Enjoy what you have today. Tomorrow some people won’t be there and it is okay. This is the idea of moving forward. And this is the idea of companionship which doesn’t last.

Because chances most of your companionship won’t last. But that’s the beauty – you will form some new one. And end up with one or two which will last the longest.