The Happy Serial Killer

The Happy Serial Killer

As the police started approaching the house. They felt a trembling in the ground. Maybe it was an earthquake. Or maybe someone was using a high powered machine. They rushed to the door, and they could see a person playing.

It was dark, and there was not much to see, but they could sense that something was wrong. And they went inside the room and saw a man gushing blood and pointing towards the behind door to one officer. Call for the ambulance. Others went outside to see the killers. There was no one. And they left for the hospital.

The man was not able to be saved. He died. The doctor said something heavy was pushed into his neck. And that's why he died. There was so much blood loss that they couldn't do anything. Policemen are thinking to check for CCTV cameras in the area, but to their surprise, none of them works as it had been jammed. And there was no footage.

The victim was recently divorced, and his parents were dead. As per the neighbours who would come in from the office every 7pm, he was a righteous man and then would spent his time almost at home. Maybe that was a perfect opportunity.

The killer might have robbed, so the police went back to the house to see if any valuables have been lost. They checked thoroughly, and they found nothing has been touched. It was as if the man wanted to kill him, particularly, they try to check the fingerprints, but they couldn't find any. The killer was too wise, and the policeman at the side, in anger. And this case was as cold as meat in the freezer. No near leads, no witness, no fingerprints, no camera, nothing. All they could do was bit because they thought this killer might strike again in the area, and this time they can be prepared.

The policemen were doing some patrolling in the area. They were waiting as if the killer was going to strike again. We don't know who this killer is. What're his motivations. We know that he killed the person very harshly, and without any clue, that means he was prepared. He probably is an intelligent person. Because he didn't rob the place. Maybe he wanted to rob the place. But the police came just in time. Who knows, until the killer is catch-all a mystery. Meanwhile, the killer is patting himself and laughing, laughing because he has accomplished how he wanted to kill the person.

We see that the killer has a family, a wife and a kid. And the family is loving. At least, that's what the perception is. They don't know what the Father and the husband did because, for them, the Father brought in chocolates and gifts and flowers. It seems if this man is living with joy and pride. As the killer just killed a person, it seems that he will go and strike someone but he didn't. It's been two years. The police have forgotten about the case; they have too much to handle. And this man is just lying there, doing his work. He is a cable person. He just goes to his office and does his work, and come back. He never mentions anything to anyone. Who knows if this was his first killing or third, it was he has not killed right now two years, and something happens.

One fine day he is coming to the home, and he sees his wife, angry because his wife told him to come early that day so that they can go out and have a nice family time for lunch. And the wife was angry, angry - so much energy. He picked up the vase and killed her wife instantly. That's what he thought inside his mind. That's what he wanted to do, but it didn't. He shut the door behind and went for a walk. And then, since he was a cable person found the security footage. He knows where the security cams. He has all the gadgets. He went for a long walk, maybe two kilometers, jammed the security cameras, and then went to a house. There was a couple eating food. They were hesitant to invite him, but he said that he wanted help and he would be quick. And he started crying. He started bawling, and the couple was confused as they wanted to call the police. But he saw it on his man is really low; maybe he needs some human touch. And as he was about to help him out of nowhere. He killed the person with a screwdriver, which he took from his home.

He kept on hitting with a screwdriver in his head. And the wife was in shock. And before she could recover. There was a stir a swift movement. It's too painful. And then he just slit his throat. And that's the end of it. Both of them died. Suddenly he was back to his senses, and he started cleaning, wherever it is. It's as if he had done the planning and but did not do the planning; he did the planning. Every day he was ready for killing. But he will not kill someone. It was only that, when he was feeling low in his life, a perfect life. And there was something wrong; he would latch on to some unsuspecting couple or family. The thing is, this was the third kill. After the marriage. He always dreamed of a perfect marriage because his parents didn't have a perfect marriage, and he always wanted a perfect marriage. He had seen that when the marriage had fights. His parents would fight and keep ongoing. So he decided he will never shout or fight with his wife, but he was angry; he had some anger issues. So what to do? He lashed out his anger on unsuspecting people and killed them. Thankfully, His wife has been angry three times. God knows how much more can you see what he had done. Or maybe there was a good thing here would have been caught.

The police came back again. Did all the things, and they did not connect to the killings of the last two years because there's so much gap, it was hard to fill in. There was no repeated pattern like a serial killer, but there was a pattern on when he would kill. And that made him the most dangerous serial killer, and now we see him eating dinner with the family. His wife is okay now. Because she has latched on the anger, but she didn't know.

Basically, the family enjoying their meal in happiness, and they live happily ever after. Let's hope his wife doesn't get angry soon.