The Growth Of Job Hopping Culture

Getting a job is the best feeling if you get it right after college. Or else, you keep on applying and get frustrated. And then you realize that the education system lured you with high hopes but the reality is quite harsh.

Also, the education institute forgot to teach you verbal skills, presentation attitude and how to navigate through the world.

The contrast between what you are taught and the real world is huge. And as such you are left to figure it out.

Finally, you land a job but it isn’t relevant to your education. However, you accept the job because you have to pay bills. All the things necessary for that job is pretty basic – and you could have done this job 4 years back. If this the type of job that will be offered to the majority of the people, then maybe they should be allowed to skip college and get to a job.

But then colleges won’t get the money – the scam won’t continue. It is evident from the fact that for basic job companies require you to get a high-end degree.

No matter if you are talented, you have to show the degree or else you will be given the lowest possible job.

The Next Job

But then you can’t stay in the entry job for a long time. So you start to look for other opportunities while working in your current job.

And then you do find some interviews, some promises and many trusts being broken. Most of the company are trying to manipulate you, pay you less and make you feel like a worthless loser.

It’s a war on negotiating the right responsibilities, wage, and respect. Soon, you find a better paying job so you switch.

But you can’t stay there for longer, you need to keep pushing, fighting to get up in the ladder.

There comes an opportunity that comes from your first company. You go there and suddenly you are offered high pay, job which you like and respect is given. All because you have so much experience.

And here is the loophole, if they had been fair to you in the start, you would have not gone to other companies. What they don’t know is that you might jump to other companies because they have made this culture. So now you are fighting too – manipulating them.

The Circle Keeps Going

It all starts with how you treat people. That thing comes back. If you hire people manipulating them, giving them less pay and tricking them then you are making them believe that is the culture.

So they will do the same in return. But if you trust, give fair pay and respect the individuals then they will grow as such.

If you are a company then be different – set an example. And you will get the candidates with your values.

And if you are someone looking for a job, try to find companies with values in alignment with yours.