The Great Pretender

About 25 years ago, McArthur Wheeler realized that lemon juice could be used to make invisible ink. So he put lemon juice on his body. And robbed 2 banks.

No surprise, he was caught. Was Sent to Jail.

The Dunning Kruger Effect

Of course, Mr. Wheeler suffered from Dunning Kruger Effect. Which is a syndrome in which people who know the least often act like they know the most.

It is easy to laugh at him. But deep down, you know that if you get little too cocky, you might go to jail too for being stupid.

One of Seth’s friend wanted to do improv for a group of 11 people. He came 12th. Seth suggested to make his own improv group. He declined. Can you see the irony here. Improv is about ‘Yes And’. Going first is the point.

But it’s hard to go first in this culture. You fear it too.

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome means when you feel like a fraud when doing something. Now, there are many scales to find how much of an imposter you are. Example :Harvey Scale.

Many people seek Seth’s advice about their imposter syndrome. And they expect Seth to give reassuraning answer and not call them fraud. But Seth tells the truth – yes, you are an imposter.

Because what you believe in hasn’t been done. This is what it means you pick yourself. And you should be happy that you feel like imposter. But it’s good because you are being generous to try new things and leaping forward.

Dissolution Of Industrial Complex

When in 1995, you got a book deal – you weren’t an imposter. Because someone picked you and told to do the writing. But when you write a book for kindle, Jeff Bezos doesn’t come and pick you. You pick yourself.

Netflix can pick you up for a tv show. Or you can make your tv show and put it on Vimeo or YouTube. And no one can stop you.

Consider the podcast, you listen directly without anyone approving you do something. Go make a podcast, go do improv, write books. Gatekeepers are leaving building in all types of media – yet less people are raising their hand.

Tall Poppy Syndrome

There is a group of musicians who are talented. Yet waiting to getting picked. Because they know too much, they are hesitant to raise their hand.

Periander king wanted to know the best way to rule. He sends his messenger to Thrasybulus king. And gets to know that the other ruler cuts off the best wheat product from the top.

And he got the message – cut down the tall poppies. Find people who are leading, creating at top – execute them, shame them. Since then many countries have claimed the tall poppy syndrome as their own.

And that you will be cut down holds you back. People may believe that this is zero sum game. Then you can see the tall poppies as a threat. But maybe its sticky because we want to be sticky. Because it is scary to raise your hand – doesn’t matter if your culture has tall poppy syndrome.


That noise in your head is stopping you. But when you use generosity to become imposter for others. It doesn’t matter. Then you can start your club, do that thing. Let others call you imposter – you raise your hand. Show up, take your chance and do the better work.


  • How do you get someone to donate when the work is being done first time?

Most money-giving folks want to donate for something proven or something in the middle. That’s why many large charities stay.

You can offer – status. For example, only select brave people are supporting this. And then you explain your offering.

Or you can offer – the new thing. There are folks who are on lookout for thrill that the new provides. Make sure, you identify your organization as new and status giving. And kindly forward who isn’t interested to the traditional organizations.