The First Love Letter

The First Love Letter

She didn’t know it was a love letter, for her it was poetry

Being in college is an extraordinary experience. For the first time, you get to experience the travel, new faces and responsibility. You are considered an adult who needs to do things responsibly.

And for most people like, love happens in college. In my college, there were many beautiful faces. And as a teenager, I was losing myself seeing all of them.

Girls are amazing – they care, understand and make rational decisions. While the guys in my age were looking for making nuisance – not knowing how to handle the testosterone.

Often the first romance which happens is simply a lust which you are pursuing. But if it converts to a love relationship then it’s the best.

And since many of my friends were having some crushes or partners, I was eager to make my female companion with whom I could romance. But there were so many – 80 per cent of the class was females. I was confused, yet determined to jump into this ship.

Wrong Connection

Or was it…

In the second year of my college, my eyes fell on a girl who is beautiful, mesmerizing and smart. A combination which will make any guy fell for her. And so did I.

I approached her with lust in my heart to make friends and then hopefully take things further. However, she wasn’t interested in me.

She had a friend who used to be with her all the time. Her friend was beautiful, mesmerising and smart too. But my eyes were transfixed on the first lady.

Naturally, to impress I started talking with her friend. And slowly, I realized I have fallen for her friend.

Not the lust type, the love type.

The First Love Letter

When you are in front of a girl whom you like, it gets scary. Especially when your whole life, you didn’t talk much with girls.

So, writing a letter was the ideal deal. I was feeling butterflies in my stomach. I wanted to spend every moment with her and when I was away, we would message each other via traditional messages.

So, I wrote the letter. And I wrote in such a way that the first letter of each line spelt – ‘her name I Love You’.

To make it obvious, I even bolded the first letter. And then I gave her the letter telling it was just a poetry I wrote. Hoping in my head that she smiles and give me hug or something.

Just A Poetry

She read it, smiled and said – what wonderful poetry it is, you should write more. I couldn’t say anything to her.

For me, I had poured my heart into the letter and proposed her. Putting everything on the line, risking my reputation and being scared. And for her, it was just poetry.

Things didn’t go well after that and although we were friends, it didn’t pan out over the years.

And I kept on falling for new beautiful faces. I still think of her sometimes – she is doing fine in life.

Although it is a mystery whether she truly didn’t understand the letter or it was her polite way of saying ‘NO’, I continue to write. Sometimes, in-depth opinions, sometimes perspectives which matter and sometimes poetry.

It started because of her and I am glad I stuck with writing, it helped me along the years.

Love Is Amazing

Love is a beautiful emotion, journey and something which you should keep exploring. And if you are with a lucky girl, keep her happy – it only keeps growing.

Nothing against love – sometimes it succeeds and sometimes it doesn’t. But every time, it makes you stronger, pushes you to do more and gives you the experience to cherish for a lifetime.

From first lust to love to missed connections, on this variable journey, I experience the sweetest of emotions and am fond of her, I love you.