The Fall of Elon Musk

The Fall of Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a very pretty notorious entrepreneur. When you think about him, he does some risky things. When he was on Joe Rogan's podcast, he did weed and drank alcohol, and definitely, that was not a good part of him being the company's CEO.

Obviously, the people were scared, and he had to be put under some limits. But despite that, he's a scary CEO. He has many companies under his belt and earns a lot; his net worth is a lot.

But we are going to talk about the recent debacle of him on Twitter. He bought Twitter and not in a straightforward way. There were many ups and downs, but eventually, he was forced to buy. He's doing all these things publicly by tweeting and saying he's going to do some damage. And he does things like laying off employees or charging for verification, and it's a lot of changes in a very short period. And it seems shocking.

Ideally, you make some big changes only by testing it with a batch of people and seeing where it goes. And if it is right or wrong, measure everything and then implement it. But Elon seems to make all the radical decisions one by one. And I think he can do that because he can afford to do that. He bought Twitter for $44 billion. He doesn't care if he loses all of his money hence he can make such choices radically. And he can go ahead and do things that might upset many people.

He's getting a lot of attention. And maybe some of it will work because when you make like 100 decisions in a day, maybe some of them will work. But the real question is, will the sum of all those decisions be positive. Only time will tell. But we have seen from past experiences that Musk has done some pretty neat things. He has been able to scale companies. He has been able to build successful, profitable companies.

But he's not a perfect human being. He expects his people to work day and night, go and lose their sleep and be erratic about human life experiences. And that I think is not something you want your boss to be.

Yes. The goal is very fantastic to make the business so successful. But when it is a cost to an employee's peace of mind of an employee; I don't think it's worth chasing; for example, we could compare the AI boom that is happening is all cool and fine. We are doing all of these for humans. And that is a simple goal. And if something some innovation, some decision is going against the human core principle, then it's not something you should do and not be praised for. But when you look at all of Elon Musk's fanatics, you can see that he has developed a very huge fan base and it's not a kind one. Because when Elon makes a stupid decision, all of his fans go gaga over them. The thing about people is that just because he can build a successful company doesn't make them perfect human beings.

It only makes you a pro in making a successful business. That's it. It doesn't say anything about your morality, about you being an awesome human being or are you caring about humanity? You can see all of this in you; you can see how things are going to benefit or not benefit people, but in totality, it is just a sham because your one skill does not translate into other areas of life.

Maybe he'll want to build his last successful business. But he or she can give a very beautiful anecdote of life better than animals. Just because he has fans who will like anything he and says will support all of his decision doesn't make a g godlike, but he seems godlike. Because we are living in this internet age with a Fandom of craziness. People are crazy for the people. And Elon Musk has developed a pretty loyal audience. So whatever he does, he's gotten support. He says free speech is up, but only if it supports his narrative. If others have a different or opposite take, then he trashes them and makes fun of them. It's not exactly free speech. When you support one of the narratives and shun the other narrative. Elon is not doing anything which is a scientific-based thing. So it will have some pros and cons, be willing to listen to it? He is big with so much money that he can afford to do anything. Because if anyone goes against him, he can simply bribe, shun or cancel, and there is nothing anyone can do.

He has been able to do all sorts of nonsense things because he can justify and by saying that he has built many successful businesses. His net worth is a lot, and he can't point out to other people that they are not good enough because they are not rich enough. So here, we are stating that money has become a parameter for how good of a human being or how good of an intellect you have. Here richness is equal to human intellect.

His personal life is a mess; he has been through many ups and downs and cannot make a clear sense of it. He can have many successful businesses, but can he have many successful relationships?

So this is clearly evident, all the shenanigans happening is that he is a very erratic man. He is very random; he will do anything to please his mind because he can afford it. He is a big child. He may have a lot of money to spend and enjoy his time. And we're just all spectators of it. And that's enough.

So we don't know what the future of Twitter will be. But we for sure know that Elon is not an overall good compassing moral hero who can be followed because he has many downs compared to the ups. You can choose who your leader should be, whom you should follow and whose lessons you should follow. And that's not Elon.