The Essence Of Debate

It will happen that there will be disagreement on things. The rational thing is to accept that there will be different perspectives in place.

You may feel strongly about something but the other person has that strong affinity too.

The game of debate isn’t to prove who is right or wrong, it is an opportunity to see things from different perspectives. Open your mind for a moment and that’s it. No need to change your opinion or ask the other person to do so.

It isn’t a means to prove someone wrong. Accept that there is no way to know who is right or wrong. At times both can be wrong and most times you can be wrong.

Change Of behaviour

The underlying question is should you change your behaviour with that person. And the answer is largely a negative.

You have became friend with someone for variety of reasons. And as long as those reasons are in place then it is alright. Because anyone will always have many things with difference of opinion.

The best thing is to communicate what is non-negotiable early in relationship. And for everything else, agree to disagree.

So when such times come when you are disagreeing on certain things – maybe debate for a few moments. But don’t stretch.

Not Fighting

As for the debate with other people like colleagues or sometimes travel companions – always try to be civilised.

Don’t raise your voice. Because that means you have lost your cool and that is an indicator that you have lost the debate already. Also when you or someone speak in raised voice there is no chance of a civil discussion left, it has become personal.

Don’t debate on one thing for hours. If the points are being repetitive then let it subside and enjoy the moment with some common ground.

Let’s not make a moment to enjoy into a thing to feel superior based on your opinion.

And if you disagree with me then it is fine for me. And it should be fine with you too.